Desi Vegas, Harahan, LA Report #1


I heard good things about this place.  I used to love Phil’s Grill “build your own” burger menu and their menu has that feature!

I’m not big on fried pickles because I normally find them too salty.  These weren’t, and the ranch type dipping sauce was delicious.

The hand cut fries with real bacon bits, cheese and ranch were excellent.  Very crispy.

For an extra $1 you can get any shake “malted” and I opted for that with a plain vanilla malt.  It was delicious.

There were numerous, yummy sounding specialty burgers, but when I go to a new place I want to try the basics first.  If you can’t get the basics right, no sense in getting any more adventurous.  So I got a burger on a white bun, with prime beef, American cheese, lettuce, diced onion, mayo and mustard.  I figured that’s about as simple as you could get.  Very good, and the perfect size.  You can finish it without being over stuffed.  Since we had fries as an appetizer I opted for onion rings with my burger.  If I could complain about anything it would be the onion rings.  As a matter of preference, I prefer thick cut onion rings.  These were thin cut, great tasting batter and very crisp, but very greasy.  Other than that everything else was great.  I will return!

1640 Hickory Ave., Harahan, LA  70123  Ph: 504-575-3581

Blaine 7-1-17

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