Chez Pierre, Metairie, LA Report #4

This is the Clearview Pkwy. location which is the only one I’ve been to.  Even though I’ve only been here for dessert they also have a Vietnamese food menu with pho, vermicelli bowls and other Vietnamese fare.  The French were in Vietnam so long they taught the Vietnamese all their culinary tricks.  Last time I was here I had a creme brulee, which even though it didn’t have the crispy caramelized top, was one of the most delicious custards I’d ever tasted.  The coffee is also great.  The pictures can’t do justice to the beauty of the desserts and yumminess.  And they’re open everyday from 6am-10pm!  Go there.  Eat.

3208 Clearview Pkwy., Metairie, LA  70006  Ph: 504-467-3176

Blaine  7-2-17


I still haven’t made it to this place to try their Vietnamese food menu, but with a dessert selection like this can you blame me?  The Napoleon and Cannoli were delicious, but that chocolate mousse cake was outstanding!  I also had a cup of café au lait and I can honestly say it was the best I ever had.  I didn’t even sweeten it.  Much better than the café au lait the Café Du Monde serves.  I guess at Café Du Monde they mass produce it to cater the throngs of tourist that come through every day.  Anyway, I love this place.

3208 Clearview Pkwy., Metairie, LA 70006 Ph: 504-467-3176

Blaine 3-24-2018

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