DiMartino’s, New Orleans, LA Report #5


This is the Algiers (Westbank) location, which is the only one I’ve ever been to.  Everything I’ve tried here has been great.  They’re known for their muffulettas and they do a great job with them.  They are made to order, come out heated perfectly, with the bread nice and toasty and the cheese just at the point of starting to melt and the meat heated just to the point it’s hot without releasing it’s fat to make the sandwich greasy.  They have a very tasty olive salad too.  As you can see from the pictured portion of the menu any one of their poor boys can also be made into a muffiletta.  So if you want a roast beef, or a turkey, or a fried shrimp muffuletta, no problem!

Their poor boys are good too.  I’ve had a fried shrimp and fried catfish in the past and they were great.  They use a seeded Italian bread instead of traditional French, but you won’t complain.  The bread is always fresh and good.  You can get a sandwich, seafood gumbo and potato salad combo meal, which is what I opted for, with a half small muffuletta.  You can also get the combo with half poor boys.

Normally my rule is if you order gumbo in a place and it’s got tomatoes in it they don’t know what they’re doing.  Well, their gumbo has tomatoes in it, but it’s still good.  It’s also full of okra, so if you don’t like okra don’t bother.  But I like okra and it’s not “slimy” at all.  They must use my old trick of frying the slime out the okra before adding.

Their spaghetti is angel hair pasta.  The spaghetti and meatballs are very good, although the meatballs aren’t ball shaped.  These were kind of like flat arrowheads.  But meaty and tender.  The Italian sausage they serve are skinny links, but they give you enough and it’s delicious.  And they serve a generously buttered portion of toasted Italian bread as a side.  They also have pretty good burgers if you’re in a burger mood.  I recommend this place.

3900 General De Gaulle Dr., New Orleans, LA  70114  Ph: 504-367-0227

Blaine  7-8-17



I failed to mention before how good the shrimp potato salad is here.  I love it.

I had never had a burger here before but my son has, and told me they were great.  I decided to try a bacon/swiss burger today.  It was delicious.  Nicely toasted bun and a thick, juicy patty.  And of course I can’t come here without getting a muffuletta and spaghetti and meatballs.  Excellent as always.

3900 General De Gaulle Dr., New Orleans, LA 70114 Ph: 504-367-0227

Blaine 1-26-2019


Best muffuletta in the city, as far as I’m concerned.  And what’s a better soup and sandwich combo than a fried shrimp poboy with a cup of gumbo?  Throw in a scoop of potato salad for good measure and you’ve got some serious good eatin’!

3900 General De Gaulle Dr., New Orleans, LA 70114 Ph: 504-367-0227

Blaine 10-5-2019





We were craving po-boys.  The Caronavirus apocalypse isn’t making this easy.  We decided to give The Dry Dock a try.  Online they say they’re open for pickup, but they wouldn’t answer their phone.  Then I remembered Di Martino’s also has some great po-boys.  They answered their phone right away!

Looked like they had a full staff working in the kitchen.  At least five people I saw.  Filled our order quick with no problem.  Pictured are onion rings, a grilled Italian chicken salad, of course I had to get a small muffaletta, a shrimp poboy and a fish (I think catfish) poboy.  As usual, everything was delicious!

3900 General De Gaulle Dr., New Orleans, LA 70114 Ph: 504-367-0227

Blaine 4-4-2020


  Great lunch here today as always. I’d never tried their roast beef poboy, so today I got the combo with gumbo and potato salad. Outstanding! Very tender, well seasoned roast beef with just the right amount of gravy.

One of my dining partners had a ham and roast beef poboy, dressed, with American cheese. He was equally impressed.

I’ve yet to be disappointed here.

3900 General De Gaulle Dr., New Orleans, LA 70114 Ph: 504-367-0227

Blaine 9-24-2020

8 thoughts on “DiMartino’s, New Orleans, LA Report #5

  1. Oh Yum. Is that where I had mine about 20 years ago? Muffuletta and a properly brown bagged cold beer to go. Lol


    1. They’ve been in business since 1975 so it’s possible, but I doubt it. You probably ended up at Central Grocery, where they send all the tourist because they invented the muffuletta, but the ones here are 10 times better.


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