Tout de Suite Cafe’, New Orleans, LA Report #8

Cute little place in historic Algiers Point on the Westbank of New Orleans.   Interesting decor.  They have a lunch menu but I’ve never even looked at it because I come here for one thing and one thing only.  Breakfast!

I love lox but have never tried their open face lox on bagel with cream cheese, tomato, red onion and capers dish.  It looked great when the waitress walked by my table carrying it, so I tried to zoom in on it at the guys table as he was eating it.  I should have been more aggressive.  Walked over there and said, “Put that damn thing back together the way it was, I need a picture of it”!  Maybe I’ll get a little more bold in future blogs.

Anyway, it looked good but I’ll probably never order it because when I come here I have to get ONE dish.  The Atchafalaya.  Crawfish etouffe’ over stone ground grits with two eggs to order  (I always get over easy).  The etouffe’ is so good I’d be happy with it over rice and nothing else.  But combined with the grits and eggs it’s awesome.  And you can tell they use Louisiana crawfish instead of those flavorless, rubbery, but cheaper, Chinese crawfish.

The Deep South is good too but a little heavy on the carbohydrate side for me.  Grilled buttermilk biscuits over small cubes of potatoes cooked hash browned style, with two eggs cooked to order and all smothered in a white, breakfast sausage milk gravy.

As you can see on the menu there’s several different kinds of pancakes but but I can’t get past plain, simple buttermilk pancakes.  They’re great.  Big and thick too so you only need to order one.

I’ve had The Poche (right under The Atchafalaya on the menu) before.  One of the few places in New Orleans where you can order boudin, and it’s pretty good boudin.  I love this place. It’s worth crossing the river for.

347 Verret St., New Orleans, LA  70114  Ph: 504-362-2264


Blaine   7-16-2017


Had to get back here just to check.  Yes, the Atchafalaya is still just as good!  And so was the Deep South.  Love this place!

347 Verret St., New Orleans, LA 70114 Ph: 504-362-2264

Blaine 11-2-2019


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