El Paso Mexican Grill, New Orleans, LA Report #9

This place is in a building that used to be a Bennigan’s a LONG time ago.   I’m not sure Bennigan’s still exist anywhere, which has nothing to do with this report so I don’t really care.

Sometimes I feel that once you’ve been to one Mexican restaurant (American style Mexican food that is, not authentic) you’ve been to them all.  Spanish rice?  Pretty much the same everywhere.  Refried beans?  Meh.  “Beef” tacos?  What kind of meat is that, REALLY?  You can’t tell.

Anyway, my son loves the Carona-ritas.  What the point is in inverting a beer in a perfectly good Margarita I’ll never understand.  The special Margarita of the night was a watermelon one, which my daughter tried.  It actually had a couple watermelon chunks and seeds in it, so you know it was the real deal.  She said it was good.

Back to all Mexican places being pretty much the same.  This place does a few things that set it apart.  One is as soon as you sit down they bring you chips and salsa (normal), BUT with a hot black bean dip that is delicious.  Very creamy and rich like it has added fat.  Lard maybe?  Which is an old New Orleans trick to make red beans creamy.  I don’t know but it’s good.

The second thing that sets this place apart is their outstanding Carne Asada, which I somehow forgot to take a picture of!  No matter.  There’s nothing visually stunning about it.  Just marinated in something that makes the flank steak VERY tender and delicious.  Just slice across the grain and it’s served with warm flour tortillas, plenty of grilled onions on the platter, lettuce, guacamole, tomatoes and sour cream.  Oh, also refried beans and rice.

Another thing they do well is the Nachos Locos.  I always order it without beans.  Anything you get here with shrimp is great.  They serve huge shrimp and if you get one of their dishes with grilled shrimp you won’t be disappointed.

My son had steak soft tacos, which he said were great, and my daughter had a shredded beef chimichanga which she enjoyed.

We tried the flan for dessert, which turned out not to be your traditional flan as you can see from the pic.  It wasn’t just a custard, but more like a custard on top a bread pudding.  Definitely different and pretty good.  I wouldn’t order it again though, because if I order flan I want flan!  They should have told me it was some kind of hybrid concoction when I ordered it.

The last thing that sets this place apart is the service has always been excellent.  EXCEPT tonight!   I’ve been there maybe 10 times and always had a beautiful young woman as a waitress that was great.  Tonight it was a short little Latino guy who was terrible, but I won’t hold it against the restaurant because this one night I got a dillweed.  I just made sure his tip reflected it.  Overall I like and recommend the place.

3010 Holiday Dr., New Orleans, LA  70131  Ph: 504-309-8833

Blaine 7-16-2017


I like the way they light the place up at night.  It’s pretty!  I was in the mood for a steak tonight and I’ve always noticed they had one on their menu, so I decided to go and try it.  I ordered it medium rare and it came out perfect.  Pretty good steak for a Mexican restaurant.  They bring it to you with a bottle of A1 steak sauce and it’s the kind of steak you’d use that for.  It was good but next time I’m craving steak and I’m on the Westbank of New Orleans I’ll go to Legacy (Report #24).  You wouldn’t DARE put A1 on their steaks.

I got the French fries and refried beans to go with the steak.  Fries were the big steak fry type, perfect to go with a steak.  The Charro beans that were supposed to come with the steak are whole beans cooked in a sauce.  I prefer their refried beans.  They give you a big portion with a delicious melted white cheese on top.  I also got a Chile Relleno.  Poblano pepper stuffed with cheese and deep fried in a batter, then served with more cheese melted on top.  Yummy.  Great place and a good dinner.

3010 Holiday Dr., New Orleans, LA 70131 Ph: 504-309-8833

Blaine 12-17-2017


Back again for some great Mexican food.  The Chriqueso is pretty good if you don’t mind a little sausage grease in your melted cheese.  I don’t.

The Mezaquite Grill is great.  They say it’s for two, but in my opinion it could feed four easily.  All the meats are tender and flavorful.  The onions come out perfectly caramelized, the peppers are great, and you get two plates of fixings with rice and beans, plus the tortillas for wrapping.  The last pic shows a beef wrap I made and my dining companion made a chicken one just as big.  After that it looked like we didn’t put a dent in it!  I had a shrimp one after that and I was full!  Great place for Mexican food.

3010 Holiday Dr., New Orleans, LA 70131 Ph: 504-309-8833

Blaine 2-13-2018


Back at El Paso after a long break. I decided to try something I had never tried before. This shrimp dish. They described it as shrimp covered in a spicy Marinara sauce, but it wasn’t at all what I pictured. Very big shrimp cooked with onions, tomatoes, other things I couldn’t identify, and OLIVES! Sounds weird, but it was delicious! Great with the Mexican rice once I poured it over it. I also opted for refried beans instead of steamed veggies. Very good dish.

3010 Holiday Dr., New Orleans, LA 70131 Ph: 504-309-8833

Blaine 11-7-2018


Never had the shrimp tacos here before. DELICIOUS! Large shrimp seasoned and grilled perfectly. Get them.

3010 Holiday Dr., New Orleans, LA 70131 Ph: 504-309-8833

Blaine 1-10-2019



     This location has closed down.  I noticed a new one being built on LA-Hwy 23 in Plaquemines Parish.  I’m not sure at this point if this one is moving there, or if that is a whole new one.  But I will find out!  

Blaine 4-23-2021




Ok, when the Holiday Drive location closed down, I noticed this one being built not long after. Is this a new one or did that location simply move? I asked my waiter and a waitress, and they didn’t know! I asked to speak to the manager but she was busy with another table. So I still have no idea.

No matter. I like this location! Plenty of outside dining. And beautiful inside. We ordered:

&&&&& THE FOOD &&&&&

Just like the other location, this one starts you out with chips, salsa and bean dip. It taste like the same delicious bean dip they used to give you at the Holiday Drive location.

And the rest of our dinner was delicious, just like the old location I used to love! Great place! Plan a visit.

8617 LA-23, Belle Chasse, LA 70037 Ph: 504-636-8010

Blaine 5-30-2021

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