Chopsticks Buffet, Gretna, LA Report #11

I don’t like Chinese buffets.  I don’t even consider Chinese buffets real restaurants.  But I had to attend a meeting tonight and that’s where they have it.  So for free food, I was there.  Pretty enough place.  Nice and clean.

But then there’s the food.  Boiled crabs.  Not good.  Tasted like the were boiled in salt water.  Not seasoned at all.  Boiled crawfish.  Terrible.  Tasted like they had been boiled 5 months ago, frozen, then thawed and put on the buffet.  Rubbery and not seasoned well.  I wouldn’t expect anything better from a Chinese buffet but one in southern Louisiana should do boiled seafood better.  Sushi?  Blah.  Numerous rolls of mostly rice and not much seafood, except the obligatory fake crab.  And why is the fried rice yellow?  I’m sure it’s because it was fried with the finest Spanish saffron (sarcasm).

Now to the better things.  They do have a hibachi bar with a choice of shrimp and beef, noodles and a choice of veggies that you plate up, give to the chef behind the counter, and he’ll wok it up for you.  The fried chicken was surprisingly good.  I always liked coconut shrimp, and theirs is good.  The fried frog legs were VERY good and something called Black Pepper Chicken was good.  They have the typical dessert bar with dumb little cakes and cookies they get from who knows where.  They did have a rice pudding on that bar that was decent.  But dessert wise one thing they have that’s VERY good is their ice cream.  They used to serve Blue Bell, but looking at the containers it was in I don’t think it’s Blue Bell anymore.  Whatever it was, you can tell it was premium ice cream and delicious.  They had chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, buttered pecan, chocolate chip and looked like an orange sherbert.  Again, I don’t like Chinese buffets but if you just MUST go to one, it might as well be this one.  UNLESS you want to drive to Gulfport, MS., that is.  There’s one there called Panda Palace that I can actually recommend.

50 Westside Shopping Center #12, Gretna, LA  70053  Ph: 504-367-3337


Blaine  7-20-2017

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