Ground Pati, Gretna, LA Report #13

Nice, casual place.  They start you out with free peanuts, which is always nice.  The buffalo wings here are different.  You get hot, fresh, delicious fried wings, and buffalo sauce and either blue cheese or ranch dressing on the side to dip them in.  They’re great. There are many different burger options here.  My son got the regular burger and said it was great.  On my last visit I had the Black and Gold burger, which consist of a 4 oz beef patty and a 4 oz hot sausage patty.  It was delicious.    Today I wanted steak.  The salad that came with it was about what you’d expect at a place like this, and good.   I opted for the 10 oz rib eye med rare and grilled shrimp.  Steak came out cooked perfectly, tender and pretty good.  The shrimp were also good.  The ONLY complaint I could have would be the “Texas Toast” wasn’t the thick bread you’d associate with Texas Toast, but regular sized sliced bread.  Still good.  I love the music here too.  70’s classics played.  Nice place.  Worth a visit.


Blaine  7-23-2017


I got the urge for either a hamburger or a hot sausage sandwich so I went where I could get both on ONE sandwich.

First, we decided to try the Mac N Cheese Wedges.  I asked for some ranch dressing to dip them in because everything’s better with ranch.  These were surprisingly good!  Nothing like homemade mac ‘n cheese.  Think Kraft Macaroni and Cheese from a box, battered and deep fried.  Kids would definitely love these.  I liked them better with the ranch than the marinara, but again, I liked them!

Black and Gold burger was delicious.  It hit me I never tried their fried seafood so we got a shrimp sandwich on Texas Toast.  It was either that or bun.  They don’t have French bread so a shrimp po’boy is not an option.  Anyway, the Texas Toast wasn’t very toasted but the shrimp were great.  Nice size shrimp seasoned perfectly, battered nicely and fried crispy.  Definitely not your frozen battered shrimp from a bag you get at some places.

The star of this meal was dessert though.  We had a XANGO!  If you go there, get one.  I thought I was messing up trying it instead of the bananas foster cheesecake, but this thing was delicious!  It was banana cheesecake, fried inside a tortilla, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, drizzled with caramel sauce with a big scoop of ice cream in the middle.  Unfortunately my dining companion, who’s normally full and just takes a bite, ate HALF!!  I could have eaten TWO!  Great dessert.

Blaine  1-20-2018


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