Bobby Hebert’s Cajun Cannon, Metairie, LA Report #14

I forgot to take a picture of the place from the outside so I had to pull one up online to show what it looks like.

Bobby Hebert is a former QB for the New Orleans Saints.  He had a strong arm and was a real Louisiana Cajun, from Cut Off, Louisiana, so he had the nickname of the “Cajun Cannon”.  The place has the sports bar type atmosphere with a big bar, sports memorabilia all over and plenty of TVs tuned to sporting events, but there’s a pretty large dining area.

There’s a nice drink menu if you’re an alcoholic and a nice low calorie menu if you’re fat!  I’ve had the Cajun Hebert Fries before.  They’re nothing special but pretty good.

The burgers are also good.  Then there’s the Cannon Burger Challenge featuring a 7 patty cheese burger.  Your meal is free if you can finish it.

We decided on the fried ravioli, a cup of seafood gumbo, the Mardi Gras Pasta and a fried catfish po-boy.

The ravioli is terrific and the gumbo was very good and packed with shrimp.  Real gumbo too.  No tomatoes or any other foolishness in it.  The pasta was delicious and loaded with shrimp and crawfish.  You can get a crab cake served on top the pasta, which we did, and the crab cake was very good.  The catfish po-boy was excellent.  Nice fresh french bread and crispy catfish fillets.  If you like battered fries, which I don’t, you’d love these.  Still, they were pretty good.  We didn’t get dessert but the dessert menu is pictured above.  I had their bread pudding once long ago and forgot if I liked it or not.  Great place.  Worth a visit.

4101 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, LA  70002  Ph: 504-324-6841

Blaine   7-29-2017


Back to Bobby Hebert’s and it was delicious as usual.  We tried the Buffalo Chicken Kickers.  These were odd.  They were like a hollowed out fried chicken ball, filled with a kind of spicy cream cheese.  I wasn’t a big fan of it but there was nothing wrong with them.  Hot, crispy and well seasoned.  If it sounds like your thing, go for it.  I just wasn’t wild about the concept.

The gumbo was still delicious and loaded with shrimp.  We got the ravioli as an entrée and got it topped with fried shrimp AND a crab cake!  So much deliciousness here I almost couldn’t stand it.

I decided to try something different.  The Blackened Bayou Duck.  I love duck.  So much so, that if I’m driving through the park one better not walk out in front of my car.  He may end up in my oven!  Anyway, this dish was excellent.  If you’re a duck lover like me you’ll love it.  The mushroom crawfish sauce over it was a great touch.  Next time I get it I’ll order a bit more of the sauce (Which you can do.  It’s on the menu as a “side”), and put the mashed potatoes on my plate and smother them with it.

Great place.  Go there and eat.

4101 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, LA 70002 Ph: 504-324-6841

Blaine 4-29-2018

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