Smashburger, New Orleans, LA Report #17

********** PERMANENTLY CLOSED **********


If you’re in the mood for a great burger this is the place for you!  You can order a regular burger, which is a 5oz patty, or big, which is a 6oz patty.  Seems like the “big” should be bigger than one more ounce of meat, but that’s the way it is.

I ordered the a regular bacon avocado club on the egg bun, instead of the multi-grain and it was absolutely delicious.

I don’t like fried pickles.  My dining partner does.  I don’t understand why anyone would fry a pickle.  I can live without fried pickles.  That being said, if you want them, they have them.

I am a french fry connoisseur, however.  I can’t stand battered fries!  I like just plain cut up potatoes fried crisp and lightly salted.  These were PERFECT!  Served hot and very crisp.  And the “smashfries” which are tossed with olive oil, garlic and rosemary were outstanding.

Their shakes and malts are made with Haagen-Dazs ice cream.  I got a vanilla and it was great.  I also like places that bring you the mixer cup out with the extra that couldn’t fit in the glass.  If I worked in a place mixing malts I’d weigh over 300 pounds because I’d slurp that extra down myself.  They resist that urge apparently and the amount in the mixer cup almost doubled the amount of shake I received.  I loved this place.  I will be back.

3300 magazine St., New Orleans, LA  70115

Blaine 8-6-2017

Sorry to report this restaurant has CLOSED.

Blaine 2-27-2019


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