The Creole Creamery, New Orleans, LA Report #19

Cute, clean little place with the feel of an old time ice cream parlor.  This is the Lakeview location so if you’re enjoying lunch or dinner in any one of the numerous restaurants in the area you may want to stop here for dessert.  There’s also a location uptown.  VERY IMPORTANT:  They ONLY take cash.  Also very important.  If you order strawberry or pineapple topping on your sundae or banana split, you get fresh strawberries or pineapples.  At least tonight.  Who the hell wants that?  I wanted the strawberry jam kind of topping.

Numerous and odd ice cream flavors.  All delicious.  I had a banana split.  Since I didn’t want fresh fruit on it I had it topped simply with hot fudge and peanut butter topping.  Yummy.  Before I got it I sampled a Golden Summer Fig flavor.  It was so good I had that in my banana split instead of strawberry.  And instead of vanilla I got the creole cream cheese ice cream.  My grandmother lived in Opelousas, La. and she had several fig trees.  She used to preserve figs in mason jars.  As a kid I used to love them just on a cracker.  I didn’t find one when I sampled it but as I was eating the ice cream I came across fig pieces that tasted just like my grandmaw’s preserves.  Delicious!  Brought back childhood memories.  Most of which are bad so I wish it hadn’t, but that’s a story for a different blog.  Maybe a horror one.  The desserts are served with a tasty little wafer.  Great ice cream place.

6260 Vicksburg St., New Orleans, LA  70124  Ph: 504-482-2924

Blaine 8-8-2017

4 thoughts on “The Creole Creamery, New Orleans, LA Report #19

  1. OMG fig ice cream 👅. I love figs. We had trees in one yard when I was little and today I buy big bags of dried on Amazon. Cook them in the IP and mush em up with a stick blender for in my yogurt.


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