Johnny Longboats, Riviera Beach, FL Report #21

I also had the pleasure to dine in this place during my escape from southeast Louisiana.  If you see Jambalaya on the menu and they say it’s “served over rice”, don’t get it!  Jambalaya IS rice!  Another little tip I was no longer in Louisiana.

Nice looking place.  It’s pretty cool there at night and it’s close to the ocean so they open one side of the place up so even though you’re sitting inside, it’s like outdoor dining.  They have a “Specials Board” they roll out on a hand truck.  Cute.

The fried clams were HUGE! Not your normal small fried clam strips.  I asked the waitress what kind of clams they were.  Geoduck?  She had no idea and said she’d find out for me.  She never told me.  Service wise she was very inefficient.

There was a “Tropical Ceviche” on the menu.  I asked her what kind of seafood was in the ceviche?  She said “It’s only shrimp and there’s a couple in it, but most of them are around the outside of the glass.”  That led to about three more questions from me and with me finally saying, “So it’s not really a ceviche, but more of a shrimp cocktail with a mango salsa in the glass”?  She said, “Yes”.  It was obvious she didn’t know what a real ceviche was.  Anyway, it was good, but that’s exactly what it was.  A shrimp cocktail with nice size shrimp, served with a tomato, onion, cilantro, mango, salsa with a few slices of avocado on top and tortilla chips.

We also had beef kabobs with Bahamian rice and corn on the cob.  Very good.  I tried one of the specials called “Steak Caprese”.  A NY Strip topped with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, spinach and a balsamic glaze.  It was VERY good and the steak was huge!  Probably 16 oz.  I couldn’t finish it.  I got mashed potatoes and mixed veggies as the sides.  The mashed potatoes were great, and the mixed veggies were very interesting.  They’re in that small bowl next to the steak.  I though it was cous cous or something.  But they rice the cauliflower and chop all the rest of the veggies up so fine you could hardly tell what they were.  That was very good!  A nice change from big chunks of veggies.  Nice place.  I recommend it.

2401 N. Ocean Ave., Riviera Beach, FL  33404  Ph: 561-249-2795

Blaine 8-12-2017


On the road again and had to stop here. Fried clams, Cuban sandwich, Lobster roll and a sushi roll! I don’t remember them having sushi on the menu last time we were here. Everything was delicious!

2401 N. Ocean Ave., Riviera Beach, FL 33404 Ph: 561-249-2795

Blaine 5-9-2019


One final stop here before heading back to New Orleans.  Smoked Fish Dip, Fish and Chips and a Prime Rib French Dip sandwich.  No need to elaborate.  I’ll just say all three were DELICIOUS!  I hope to get back to this place one day.

2401 N. Ocean Ave., Riviera Beach, FL 33404 Ph: 561-249-2795

Blaine 5-11-2019

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