Legacy Kitchen, Gretna, LA Report #24


There are five Legacy Kitchen locations.  This one technically is called “Legacy Kitchen, Steak + Chop” because as you can see on their menu they specialize in 28 day aged steaks and chops.  I’ve been to the location in Metairie and they only have two un-aged steaks on their menu.  I love the rustic decor of the place.  An old jukebox greets you as you walk into the front door and oldies are the background music of choice.  The metal sink in the restroom is beautiful with a finish like someone just finished grinding it down.  But you know you’re in a classy place when there’s fine European sea salt on the tables!

We tried the Jumbo Lump Crabchop and Crawfish Spoonbread Skillet for appetizers.  The “crabchop” is just a crabcake shaped like a chop.  Pointless, but cute.  The spoonbread was cornbread baked in a skillet.  Both were excellent!  The crabcake was seasoned well and full of crabmeat.  The cornbread was hot, served with a large chunk of seasoned butter that melted over the top as we ate it and full of corn kernels and crawfish tails.

I like my steaks like my women.  Tender.  So I opted for the filet mignon.  It came out cooked to what I consider a perfect medium rare, with a perfectly salty, kind of crusty outside.  Very tender, juicy and delicious.  All steaks are served a la carte, so I ordered the potatoes au gratin to go with it.  Very good.  Creamy and cheesy.  Everything was great!  I recommend this place.

91 Westbank Expy #51., Gretna, LA  70053  Ph: 504-513-2606


Blaine 8-26-2017





Return trip.  The crab chop is still as good.  SOOOOO much crabmeat.  Great wedge salad with chunky blue cheese dressing.  I tried the Iowa Pork Porterhouse with LA pepper jelly glaze and a loaded baked potato.  Probably the most tender pork chop I ever had.  Delicious with the glaze.  And the burnt ends mac n cheese was delicious.  Place is still great!

91 Westbank Expy #51., Gretna, LA 70053 Ph: 504-513-2606

Blaine 11-29-2017



Back to Legacy.  We decided on the Cajun Queso and Chinatown Shrimp for appetizers.  The queso was nothing to brag about, but OK.  Chunks of what appeared to be ham in it.  The shrimp on the other hand WERE something to brag about!  I was thinking they’d be like those Bang Bang Shrimp you get from Bonefish Grill, if you’re familiar with that.  A bunch of medium size shrimp fried and then tossed in a mayonaissy sauce.  These were nothing like that.  4 huge shrimp, fried crispy with not too much of a good sauce on them.

For the next couple of weeks they have a Crab Fest going and I ordered the Soft Shell Crab Kendall.  A soft shelled crab with a creamy crawfish sauce over shrimp and crawfish rice.  Both of my dining companions ordered burgers, and they both specified WELL done.

This is where the trouble started. It took a LONG time for our orders to come out and the place was pretty empty.  I figured I’d be writing this bitching about the time we had to wait but then another thing went wrong.  The burgers came.  Both of my dining companions cut them in half, and both were almost rare.  The very centers were almost raw.  It took so long to get them both of my dining partners sent them back and decided to just cancel their meals.  The waiter said the manager was back there cooking them himself and they’d be on the house.  They declined, because by that time my food had come out and they said they didn’t want me sitting there after I finished eating watching them eat.

As far as my dish, it was OUTSTANDING!  It seriously was one of the best things I ever ate. The crab was fried perfectly, the rice was at the perfect doneness and it was loaded with shrimp and crawfish.  The sauce was also totally delicious.

We also had the lemon ice box pie.  That’s one of the best desserts you’ll ever eat.

When I tried to pay the check the manager comped the entire meal.  He didn’t have to do that but that’s really the way to make things right if things went wrong.  As a result I left a really nice tip.

Even with the problems, they made it right and I still highly recommend the place.

91 Westbank Expy #51., Gretna, LA 70053 Ph: 504-513-2606

Blaine 8-5-2018

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