Landry’s Seafood House, New Orleans, LA Report #26

Long ago on a visit here they talked me into joining their members club.  My birthday is this month so they emailed me a $25 dollar off certificate.  That’s like a free entrée so I figured what the hell.  I’ll give them a visit.

Forgot to take a pic of the inside of the place but it’s beautiful.  The restaurant sits right on Lake Pontchartrain so you get a beautiful view of the lake, the lighthouse right by it and the New Orleans Yacht Club.

They do some things really well.  Their iceberg wedge salad is fantastic.  Loaded with chunky blue cheese dressing and chunks of bacon.  Their desserts are good too.  I’ve had the Praline Cheesecake, Bananas Foster and the Key Lime Pie.  I didn’t have any of these this trip.

First the bread.  They bring out a hot loaf of French bread, sealed in a bag with nice, delicious, creamy melted butter.  I absolutely LOVE hot bread and butter!  I could eat just that and walk out.  Except here.  The bread is terrible.  And this isn’t my first time experiencing it.  They may call it “French bread” but it’s not.  It has a weird spongy texture I can’t really explain.  Just take my word for it.  Better yet, go there and get it.  Then when you realized that was a mistake you can say, “Damn.  Blaine was right”.

One dish they do excellent is the BBQ Shrimp.  You don’t even need the shrimp with this dish.  The bread with this dish is actually good!  And the sauce is so delicious you’d be happy just dipping the bread in the sauce.  It’s a buttery, garlicky sauce that also taste like it has maybe a white wine or some type of wine reduction in it.  Problem is they only give you 5 shrimp.  There were two of us.  It’s like they’re trying to start a fight over the last shrimp.  And since 5 isn’t evenly divisible by anything but 5, unless you have 5 people someone will always be stuck short and a fight could start.

 We also ordered the crawfish bread as an appetizer.  I hadn’t had crawfish bread since Jazz Fest maybe 4 years ago.  I love it.  The crawfish bread at Jazz Fest is a stuffed French bread.  This was a different take on it, like a pizza, and pretty good.

I had the crawfish etoufee.  It was ok.  Definitely nothing to write home about.  The weird bright orange sauce resembled something out of a can.  The fried seafood stuffed shrimp were also just ok.  Not seasoned near enough for something from a New Orleans restaurant.  Same could be said for the crawfish etoufee.

With most entrees you get what they call their famous salad bowl.  It’s just a big bowl of salad for the table.  If you don’t specify a dressing it comes with their house dressing, which the waiter said was a honey mustard vinaigrette.  It was decent.  A little too sweet for me.

Overall I wouldn’t recommend this place.  It’s a national chain, and if I was dining at one in, let’s say Ohio, I could understand the lack of seasoning in the food and all.  But this is New Orleans.  You’ve got to up your game!  If you visit New Orleans and want seafood there are MANY better places to go to.

8000 Lakeshore Dr., New Orleans, LA  70124  Ph: 504-283-1010

Blaine 9-2-2017


Well, they did it to me again. I’m a sucker for free food, so send me a $25 birthday present and I’ll be there!

I decided on:

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% THE FOOD %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

The stuffed jalapeños were huge, and full of a pretty good seafood stuffing and cream cheese I think. I was surprised to see chunks of shrimp in the stuffing, like the big piece I circled in that third picture above.

The seafood pasta was delicious! Plenty of seafood and a light, herby, buttery tasting sauce.

I didn’t care for Bananas Foster crepes. I was hoping for warm crepes filled with soft ice cream. It was exactly the opposite. They apparently make the crepes, fill them with ice cream, then put them in a deep freeze set at -200 degrees Fahrenheit for a week before serving. The ice cream was hard as a rock. Overall it was ok I guess. I just wasn’t expecting a totally cold dessert.

Pretty good dinner here tonight.

8000 Lakeshore Dr., New Orleans, LA 70124 Ph: 504-283-1010

Blaine 10-9-2021

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