Chophouse, New Orleans, LA Report #27

It was my daughter’s birthday and she wanted to try this place for her birthday dinner.  Nice looking small steakhouse with a small piano bar, all of which is attached to the St. James hotel, so I guess if you eat and drink too much you can walk next door to get a room and sleep it off.  In fact it’s so small the restroom for the restaurant is IN the St. James hotel.  Really fancy bathroom at that.  They actually have a mouthwash machine with little cups in it.  When I saw that, it hit me for the first time I truly am living in the 21st century.  A mouthwash machine.  Wow.

The restaurant is in the CBD so on the street parking is hard but they do offer free valet parking.  The decor inside is nice, and you know you’re in a fancy place when each table is set with black and white napkins.  The waiter will lay the one that matches your clothes in your lap as not to get the wrong color lint on you.  They only serve 28 day aged prime beef, cooked “Pittsburg-style with a charred exterior”, according to their menu.  Indeed, it was that.  My last review I said I had probably the worst french bread I ever had in my life.  This place went to the other extreme.  Maybe the best french bread I ever had in my life.  Hot, crusty and delicious.  We went through three loaves.

For starters we had the Colossal Lump Crab Cocktail.  The menu says cocktail OR remoulade sauce.  I asked for remoulade.  They served it with both and both were delicious.  And this wasn’t that pasteurized crab meat you get shipped in from overseas that’s totally flavorless.  This tasted like real, local, fresh blue crab meat and it was utterly delicious.  We also noticed “New York Style Thick Cut Sizzling Bacon” on the menu.  Two strips of bacon.  We had to try it.  It was actually two nice slabs of pork belly served with what they called a Brooklyn French sauce.  It came to the table sizzling on a cart and the waiter cut it in chinks for us.  It was very good!  I’d recommend giving it a try.

The Chophouse House salad is also very good, with plenty of blue cheese crumbles and bacon.  We tried the blue cheese and vinaigrette dressings.  Both very good. The crab Bisque was probably the best I ever had.  10oz NY Strip and 8oz Filet, both cooked perfectly to order and delicious.  Crispy char on the outside and juicy and tender.  We got the Lyonnaise potatoes (like hash browns with onions) and steamed asparagus with hollandaise as sides for the table.  Both delicious.  My son had the Baked Shrimp, which I didn’t try but he and my daughter said they were very good.  Six HUGE shrimp served with a bread crumb, garlic, parmesan kind of stuffing.

They brought my daughter a birthday petit four which was delicious.  We also ordered the Key Lime Pie which we started eating before it hit me I hadn’t took a picture of it.  It was also delicious.  No weird dyes in it to give it a green lime color, and the whipped cream was more like a whipped cream ice cream.  Very thick, creamy and delicious.

This place is pricey, as any good steakhouse would be, but in my opinion worth every penny.  The service was impeccable and the food is excellent.  I couldn’t recommend this place any higher.  Go.  Eat.  Stop being cheap.  Be happy.

322 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA  70130  Ph: 504-522-7902

Blaine 9-3-2017

9 thoughts on “Chophouse, New Orleans, LA Report #27

  1. Nothing better than great hit crusty French bread slathered in butter UNLESS it’s hot crusty sourdough slathered in butter ❤


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