Sucre’, Metairie, LA Report #28

********** PERMANENTLY CLOSED **********


I’ve always took the same attitude towards my desserts as I did my women.  I don’t care if they’re ugly, as long as they’re sweet.  But, if you’re not like me and like pretty dessert, this is the place for you.

This was the Metairie location.  They also have a couple locations in New Orleans.  A dessert lovers paradise.  They have pre packaged boxes to take home or as gifts also.  My daughter is a macaroon aficionado and she says theirs are the best.  I’m not a macaroon person but when I saw they had a Bananas Foster flavored one I had to try it.  She got a Jasmine and a Strawberry one.  I also got the Sucre Sundae, which was chocolate gelato, chocolate croutons (like brownie bits), cocoa nibs, a macaroon, caramel and chocolate sauce.  Oh, they also have numerous flavors of gelato, but no ice cream.  We got a couple cups of Café au Lait to wash it all down.

The Bananas Foster macaroon was one of the yummiest things I’ve ever eaten!  Maybe I need to explore these macaroon things.  Café au Lait was great too.  Better than Café du Monde’s actually.  The sundae was great.  Very rich but not too sweet.  If you’re out for dessert this is a must try place.

3301 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, LA  70003

Blaine 9-4-2017


Every location suddenly closed forever.  Supposedly due to some sexual harassment complaint against the owner.

Blaine 6-26-2019


One thought on “Sucre’, Metairie, LA Report #28

  1. My friend’s brother owns this place. You must go to the brunch at the French Quarter location. I agree about macaroons- I only eat them here.

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