Café Du Monde, Metairie, LA Report #32

If you visit New Orleans you MUST go to the Café du Monde.  Preferably the original one in the French Quarter.  It’s best to eat beignets sitting on the Mississippi River, listening to the calliope music from the steamboat Natchez and looking at Jackson Square across the street.  BUT, if you can’t make it to that one, don’t want to deal with the crowds and parking in the French Quarter, or forget and are heading to the airport, this one is a great option.  In fact, it’s on the way to the airport!  You can exit Interstate 10 at Clearview Pkwy, eat, and be back on your way to the airport in no time.

This location has all the same great things as the original location.  All you need are beignets (pronounced ben-yahs) and a cup of café au lait.  You can also grab Café du Monde souvenirs, beignet mix and the coffee and chickory mix they use to make their café au lait.

4700  Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, LA  70002  Ph: 504-888-9770

Blaine 9-9-2017


Made it to the original Café Du Monde today down in the French Quarter of New Orleans.  The place has been here since 1862.  Beignets and a cup of café au lait, simply delicious as always.  Two things to remember about this location.  #1 is they’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  So if you’re partying in New Orleans and need a sugar and caffeine rush at 3:00 AM to wake you up and help you continue partying, keep this place in mind.  #2, and most important, they ONLY take cash.  This is a must stop location for any tourist.

800 Decatur St., New Orleans, LA  70116  Ph: 504-525-4544

Blaine 4-6-2018


After I’m not sure how many months, the dining room at Café Du Monde on Veterans Hwy. in Metairie is finally open! Only the drive through was open for a long time thanks to the pandemic. Limited seating inside and seating outside on the patio. I was overdue for a beignet fix.

4700  Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, LA  70002  Ph: 504-888-9770

Blaine 1-10-2021


Ended up in Mandeville, La., today. I had no idea there was a Café du Monde across lake Pontchartrain. Well, there is! And it’s just as good as the others. If you find yourself on the Northshore craving beignets, you’re in luck.

1814 N. Causeway Blvd. STE 1., Mandeville, LA 70448 Ph: 985-951-7474

Blaine 11-26-2021


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