R&O’S, Metairie, LA Report #31

This place is only about two blocks from the New Orleans city line in an old part of Metairie called Bucktown.  Bucktown began as a string of hunting and fishing camps over 100 years ago.  Lake Pontchartrain is right across the street.  I wouldn’t call it an Italian place but there’s no shortage of Italian dishes on the menu.  Also a lot of Creole and Cajun type dishes.  The dining room is large but be prepared to wait for a table if you come during peak dining hours, especially on weekends, because even though it’s off the beaten path it’s a real popular place.  In fact I ran across a federal judge while dining there today.

I’ve dined there several times in the past and never had a bad meal.  I’ve had the veal parmesan, muffaletta, spaghetti and meatballs and Italian sausage, and pizza.  All of which are good.  As far as the pizza while we were dining there today numerous people walked in and grabbed one to go.

The seafood gumbo is very good, full of shrimp, crawfish and in this cup, ONE oyster.  Many people are squeamish about boiled oysters in their gumbo but I like them.  The strange thing is the gumbo has a very strong okra flavor even though there’s only a few shreds of actual okra in it.  But I like okra too.

They used to have good tamales on the menu, but no more.  Seems they replaced it with what they call hot tamale balls.  Figured I’d give them a try.  I’m not sure how I feel about these things.  I was expecting something fried, like a boudin ball.  But these seem to be just tamale meat, rolled into a ball and cooked with a very chili peppery sauce.  The meat wasn’t too dense and tasted like they must have mixed some masa into it.  When I eat tamales I normally want more meat and less masa.  In this case I missed the masa.  My solution was to eat them on buttered crackers.  Buttered crackers make everything better.  Always.  If you’re on a date and it’s going bad, eat some buttered crackers.  Trust me.

Finally the sandwiches.  They serve their sandwiches on a seeded Italian bread which is always fresh and delicious.  The R&O Special, with hot roast beef and a little gravy, ham and Swiss is delicious.  The Italian sausage sandwich with “red gravy” (that’s New Orleans for spaghetti sauce or marinara) and mozzarella cheese is also delicious.  And one order of fries is plenty to split between two people here.

Love and recommend this place.

216 Metairie-Hammond Hwy., Metairie, LA  70005  Ph: 504-831-1248

Blaine 9-9-2017


    I can’t believe I haven’t been here in over three and a half years!  This place is too good to stay away that long.  It hit me I never tried the pizza here, so we ordered a half pepperoni and half cheese, and some tamales for an appetizer.  My dining partner ordered what the menu calls “Shrimp Fettuccini over angel hair pasta”, and I got the stuffed crab parmesan.  

&&&&& THE FOOD! &&&&&

We got the thin crust pizza. Pretty good! Not a lot of sauce but plenty of cheese.

If you don’t like a lot of masa on your tamales and prefer more meat, you’ll love these. In fact, there’s no detectable masa at all. Just little rolls of pretty spicy meat. I actually like masa so I would prefer more on these. And they could be bigger.

As I mentioned, the menu said “shrimp fettuccini” over angel hair pasta. Fettuccini IS a pasta, as is angle hair. So the wording implies shrimp in one kind of pasta over another kind of pasta! But no. You get shrimp in a delicious creamy, buttery sauce, over angel hair. My dining partner actually let me try some! It was delicious.

I enjoyed my stuffed crab parm over angel hair. You get two stuffed crabs, covered in melted cheese, over angel hair and their delicious red gravy. Not a whole bunch of crab meat in the stuffed crabs but they have a great flavor.

Pretty good dinner tonight. I won’t stay away for over three years again!

216 Metairie-Hammond Hwy., Metairie, LA  70005  Ph: 504-831-1248

Blaine 5-29-2021


Stopped in tonight to grab a couple thick crust pizzas to go. One with shrimp, jalapeños, black olives and garlic, and the other with pepperoni, Italian sausage, smoked bacon and half black olives. I prefer the thick crust. Both extremely yummy!

Come in and grab one!

216 Metairie-Hammond Hwy., Metairie, LA  70005  Ph: 504-831-1248

Blaine 4-23-2022


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