La Fiesta, Gretna, LA Report # 33


This may have been the first good Mexican restaurant I discovered when I moved to the Westbank of New Orleans in 1997.  Talk about a hole in the wall though.  They have 5 parking spots out front.  That dining room pic is the entire dining room minus one table and three booths, one of which I’m sitting in.

The food here is great.  They bring you a little black pot of a refried bean dip with cheese on top with the chips and salsa.  The beans are delicious.  Nice and fatty tasting like they have pork fat in them or something.  What I really love in this place are the tamales.  They serve them covered with cheese with a “tamale sauce”, which is kind of like a watered down chili but with a different flavor I can’t put my finger on.  Very good.  Great Mexican pizza.  The refried beans are good and you can tell they put a little extra attention into their Spanish rice.  Other places it’s like rice cooked with  a little tomato sauce to make it red and not much more.  Theirs is more flavorful and not overcooked and mushy.  They also make a great cheeseburger and nice crispy fries.  I didn’t get them this time but for dessert their sopopias are pretty good.  If you like Tex Mex food I recommend this place.

1412 Stumpf Blvd., Gretna, LA  70053  Ph: 504-361-9142

Blaine 9-16-2017


My favorite place for Tex mex food is El Paso (Report #9), EXCEPT when I’m craving tamales! The tamales here are so good they advertise them on their sign. Be sure to order their chili sauce to go on them. It’s a must.

As soon as you sit down they bring you chips, salsa and a refried bean dip with grated cheese on top. Their chips are always very fresh, like they were just fried.

My dining companion had the mini chimichangas which she loved, however, besides the tamales I wasn’t in the mood for Mexican food, so I had a cheeseburger. It was great! Juicy patty and nice, fresh sesame seed bun. And I love their fries. Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, with no batter in them or weird seasonings except a little salt. Great place.

1412 Stumpf Blvd., Gretna, LA  70053  Ph: 504-361-9142

Blaine 6-2-2018


Lunch here today.  It’s no surprise I had to start off with my favorite tamales in the New Orleans metro area, with chili sauce.  I love them.

I decided to try something completely different.  I saw the Mexican Plate on the menu, and asked the waitress what Carne Guisada Spanish Rice was.  She said it was stew with rice.  I tried it.  Delicious!  The stew had a great flavor.  It came with a couple tortillas so I wrapped some up in them and ate it that way too.  The waitress passed back and asked what I thought. I told her it was great!  She said she had never tried it but that’s what everyone says.  I offered her a bite but she declined.  Glad I discovered a new, yummy dish here.

1412 Stumpf Blvd., Gretna, LA 70053 Ph: 504-361-9142

Blaine 9-14-2019


My favorite place to get tamales is back open for inside dining!  Even though it’s a small dining room, it looked like they could seat about 7 parties between tables and booths.  I went to Slim Goodies not long ago and they had set up plexiglass partitions between the booths.  The booths here already have glass between them.

The tamales are under the “Short Order” section of the menu.  Get a dozen.  Forget about getting an order of three.  And you’ve got to get the chili to top them.

I got the chili rellenos today.  A lot of places use Poblano peppers in theirs.  I don’t like those.  They’ve got too bitter a taste for me.  Here they use Anaheim, also called New Mexican chilis, in theirs.  Lighter colored and much milder.  I like those better.  And the dish was great!  I’ll get these again.

Oh yeah, and with the rise in meat prices, if you get any meat entrée it’s a $2.00 upcharge.  First place I’ve seen that.  I wasn’t worried about it because my dining partner said she was picking up the tab today.  But when the check came she pulled the old, “Oh no!  I forgot my credit card at home”, routine.  Not the first time she pulled an okey-doke on me.

Love this place.  So will you!

1412 Stumpf Blvd., Gretna, LA 70053 Ph: 504-361-9142

Blaine 5-30-2020


 Tamales, of course, a beef taco and chili rellenos covered with just melted cheese. Everything is STILL delicious! Come here and eat. The end.

1412 Stumpf Blvd., Gretna, LA 70053 Ph: 504-361-9142

Blaine 11-1-2021



Tried the beef fajitas here for the first time today. They take up a lot of room on the table! Clockwise from the black tortilla container on the left, rice and bean plate, pico, lettuce, guac and sour cream plate, then the sizzling platter with the beef, onions and peppers. They were very good! The end.

1412 Stumpf Blvd., Gretna, LA 70053 Ph: 504-361-9142

Blaine 5-20-2023


6 thoughts on “La Fiesta, Gretna, LA Report # 33

  1. Love some good Mexican food and I’ll finally get some when I move to AZ. Seriously though, the two places we go here aren’t bad and one of them serves the yummy bean dip.


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