La Fiesta, Gretna, LA Report # 33

This may have been the first good Mexican restaurant I discovered when I moved to the Westbank of New Orleans in 1997.  Talk about a hole in the wall though.  They have 5 parking spots out front.  That dining room pic is the entire dining room minus one table and three booths, one of which I’m sitting in.

The food here is great.  They bring you a little black pot of a refried bean dip with cheese on top with the chips and salsa.  The beans are delicious.  Nice and fatty tasting like they have pork fat in them or something.  What I really love in this place are the tamales.  They serve them covered with cheese with a “tamale sauce”, which is kind of like a watered down chili but with a different flavor I can’t put my finger on.  Very good.  Great Mexican pizza.  The refried beans are good and you can tell they put a little extra attention into their Spanish rice.  Other places it’s like rice cooked with  a little tomato sauce to make it red and not much more.  Their’s is more flavorful and not overcooked and mushy.  They also make a great cheeseburger and nice crispy fries.  I didn’t get them this time but for dessert their sopopias are pretty good.  If you like Tex Mex food I recommend this place.

Blaine 9-16-2017


3 thoughts on “La Fiesta, Gretna, LA Report # 33

  1. Love some good Mexican food and I’ll finally get some when I move to AZ. Seriously though, the two places we go here aren’t bad and one of them serves the yummy bean dip.


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