Atomic Burger, Metairie, LA Report #35

When I try a new burger place I go with the simplest burger they offer to kind of set a baseline.  No sense in trying something more exotic if their simple burger isn’t any good.  So I ordered the Atomic Burger.  I asked what the “A.B. Sauce” was and was told it was a combo of ketchup, mayo and spices.  Anyway, the burger was delicious.  The bun was unbelievably fresh as were all the veggies on it.  I happened to notice they use Roma tomatoes, too, which I like.  They also offer dipping sauces to go with the fries.  I tried the “Truffle Mayo”, since I happen to be one of those weirdos who likes to dip their fries in mayo.  It was very good.  A good mayo with a hint of truffle flavor.  Nothing overpowering.  The fries were crisp and delicious.

In keeping with my “keep it simple” on the first visit motto I ordered a vanilla shake.  Now here is what really makes this place special.  The milkshakes start off totally liquid and are frozen using liquid nitrogen!  How cool is that?  You can see a young lady making one in the pics above.  She told me they put the milkshake base in the machine with whatever flavors you order, then it blends it while the liquid nitrogen freezes it in seconds.  The shake was delicious.  Rich, creamy and a great vanilla flavor.  In fact I thought I saw a few vanilla bean seeds in the shake while drinking it.  Could have been just dirt, but either way, it was delicious!  Great place for a burger.  I’ll be back.

3934 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, LA  70006  Ph: 504-309-7474

Blaine   9-17-2017

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