Newk’s Eatery, Mobile, AL Report #38

A Navy friend first introduced me to Newk’s years ago in Gulfport, Mississippi.  I had never heard of the place since there are none in New Orleans.  The nearest one to me is in Baton Rouge, La.  There’s a bunch in Mississippi, and lo and behold I found one in Alabama.

This place is perfect if you want a light lunch.  I love their “Gourmet Roundtable” condiment bar. 

     My daughter had the Cobb salad which she loved.  She says they make the best one she ever had. 

     My son had the “Newk’s Q”, which was a grilled chicken sandwich with bacon, swiss cheese and a white BBQ sauce.  The bread they use to make their sandwiches is also delicious.   Soft and taste like it was fresh baked. 

     We had a BBQ chicken pizza for the table, which was very good. 

     My wife and I had the half sandwich / soup combos.  She had the Italian sandwich with tomato basil soup, and I had the club with crab and corn chowder.  The chowder was really good.  Tasted like it had brandy in it.  

     For dessert the pumpkin cream cheese cake was outstanding!  Very moist, pumpkinny and delicious! 

     Great place.   I highly recommend it.

1335 Satchel Paige Dr. Suite C-106, Mobile, AL  36606  Ph: 251-287-7356

Blaine 9-23-2017


This was the perfect weekend to take a little vacation and take my restaurant reports on the road. What made this the perfect weekend? The fact that potential Category 4 hurricane Ida is headed towards New Orleans! So we headed to Jackson, Mississippi, for a well deserved vacation.

This Newk’s is located in Ridgeland, MS, just outside of Jackson. We decided on:

&&&&&&&&&& THE FOOD &&&&&&&&&&

I really like the food here. Again, everything was delicious!

The soup had a great lobster flavor. Plus it tasted like it had a touch of brandy.

The sandwich bread was really fresh and all of the ingredients tasted great!

The pizza was really cheesy, with a yummy, basily pesto and crisp crust.

And finally, to top it off, even though the chocolate cake was prepackaged in a fridge, it was really fresh tasting. Nice and soft.

If you run across one of these places, do yourself a favor and stop in!

733 Lake Harbour Dr., Ridgeland, MS, 39157 Ph: 601-707-0700

Blaine 8-28-2021

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