Red Robin, Slidell, LA Report #36

This is one of my favorite burger places.  I wish we had one in New Orleans, but we don’t, so if I crave one of their burgers I have to drive across the lake to Slidell.  Since I was headed that way and had a free burger because my birthday is coming up I stopped in for lunch.

Nice looking place.  Nice bar.  On a prior visit I’ve had the tower of onion ring.  They are great.  Real slices of onion instead of some chopped mixture, and fried crispy and delicious.  Their milkshakes and malts are delicious.  When they mix them they always mix too much to fit in the glass so they bring you out another glass with the extra in it.  So it’s like getting 1 and a 1/2 shakes.  Perfect for sharing or being a pig.  I normally go the “pig” route.  Poutine fries are a Canadian thing.  I’ve had them there and I loved them.  They’re just fries, covered with brown gravy and cheese curds.  Red Robin’s version is just as delicious, adding sautéed mushrooms and frying the cheese curds.

I love this place but they dropped the ball on a couple things today.  I decided to try the BBQ pork loaded chips.  This would have been delicious except the fried potato chips tasted like they were made the day prior and the entire dish was luke warm at best.  They also disappointed me when they didn’t take it off the check when I complained about it.

I decided on the Black and Blue burger for my entrée.  When you order a burger they ask you “A little pink or no pink”?  I like rare so I always  say A LOT of pink!  My burger came out well done.  Still juicy and delicious though.  Plenty of blue cheese.  Also, if you join their member ship program they’ll give you a free gourmet burger on your birthday.  And they MEAN “Gourmet Burger”.  Their menu list Gourmet Burgers and Finest Burgers.  I made the mistake of ordering a “Finest Burger”, so I didn’t get it free.  Bastards.

Finally you can’t go wrong with the tower of donuts.  They come out hot and delicious, with melted chocolate sauce and raspberry sauce for dipping.  You can order 4 or 8.  I chose 8 but wished I ordered 4.  My dining partner let me down and only ate 3, so I had to eat 5.  Lord, that hurt.  But they are so delicious.  Even though they had an off day I still love and recommend this place.

700 Town Center Pkwy., Slidell, LA  70458  Ph: 985-605-7953

Blaine  9-22-2017

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