August Moon, Harvey, LA Report #39

I’ve been coming to this place for decades.  I started going to the original uptown New Orleans location in the 1980’s, then started coming to this location after I moved to the Westbank of New Orleans 20 years ago.  Besides Chinese they also offer a Vietnamese menu, although I’ve never tried their Vietnamese food.
I like playing with fire.  It’s either the kid in me or I’m a pyromaniac.  I had never tried the Beef Teriyaki but when I saw you grill it at the table I liked that idea so I ordered it!  I also like teriyaki sauce and the menu said it came with it.  It came out without teriyaki sauce.  I asked the waitress where the sauce was?  She said it doesn’t come with it.  I still had the menu in my hand since we had only ordered appetizers so I pointed to it on the menu and read it to her.  “WITH HOUSE TERIYAKI SAUCE”.  She said “no”.  Told us it is marinated in teriyaki sauce.  I told her, “Ok then.  Take it back.  We don’t want it”.  She looked shocked.  Like no one had dared question her authority as a waitress before!  She said she’d go talk to the manager.  I said,  “Good.  Send him out to the table so I can talk to him too”.  She came back and repeated, “Nope.  It doesn’t come with teriyaki sauce”.  And I reiterated “Take it with you then, I DO NOT WANT IT”.  This time she took it away.  About 5 minutes later she returned with it AND teriyaki sauce, telling us she was sorry she had been misinformed.  Dumbass.  Either way I’ll never order it again.  It wasn’t very good.  The meat was very rare, which I’m fine with, but if you’re not the fire didn’t last long enough to grill them all.  The sauce was nothing special either.
They bring out little fried won tons and sweet sauce to dip them in.  I always get the hot mustard too to combine with the sweet sauce.  Nothing wrong with fried dough dipped in something sweet.  The won ton soup is good and if you want you can get a salad instead of rice with you entrée.  They didn’t ask what kind of dressing we’d like, but automatically brought out a ranch, which was good.
I like the little red pot they bring the steamed rice out in.  Keeps it hot and you’re in no danger to run out of rice.  The General Tso chicken is pretty good.  Light batter and tasty.  They make a dish called Orange Shrimp which comes with a dozen fried shrimp in a delicious, not too sweet, orange sauce.  12 shrimp doesn’t sound like a lot but they’re big, so it’ll fill you up. The combination fried rice is pretty good.  Not really “fried” as much as I’d like it, but plenty of shrimp, pork and chicken in it.

There’s really nothing exceptional about this place.  The food is good but about what you’d expect from your average Chinese restaurant.  If you’re in the area and have a hankering for Chinese, it’ll fill the bill.  I’d much rather cross the river and hit Hoshun or PF Chang’s though.  August Moon can’t compete with them.

875 Manhattan Blvd., Harvey, LA  70058  Ph: 504-302-7977

Blaine 9-24-2017

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