Café 615, Home of Da Wabbit, Gretna, LA Report #40

Today was my birthday and my daughter treated me to dinner.  When she asked where I wanted to go Da Wabbit immediately came to mind.  Why?  I have no idea.  But Da Wabbit is always a great choice.

This place dates back to 1949 when it was a drive-in.  It’s now a really good restaurant with a really diverse menu.  Everything from fried chicken and hamburger steaks to turtle soup and Frog Legs Provencal (pan fried frog legs topped with capers, red onion, tomatoes, black olives and a garlic butter sauce).  There’s a nice bar which serves several rabbit themed specialty drinks along with the standard fare.  The dining rooms are clean and bright featuring pictures of scenes of New Orleans and Gretna on the walls.

Now the food.  We started out with the Oysters Brochette which are outstanding!  Crispy fried oysters wrapped in bacon served with a delicious house made white remoulade sauce.  I asked if the turtle soup had real turtle meat in it as the menu said, and was told it did.  Turtle meat is expensive and hard to find so a lot of places substitute veal.  In fact, Brennan’s is the only other restaurant I know that uses real turtle meat in their turtle soup and that was some time ago, so I’m not really sure about that anymore.  The turtle soup is served with sherry to add at your discretion and it’s loaded with chunks of turtle.  Delicious.   The side salads are a nice size and served with a generous amount of salad dressing.

For my entrée I decided on the duck breast.  Maple Leaf Duck breast seared and topped with an orange cane syrup.  They ask you how you want it cooked which is great!  Most people overcook duck.  I requested “medium”, and it came out a perfect medium.  Delicious.  When I ordered mashed potatoes as a side our waitress asked me if I wanted gravy and I told her, “the more gravy the better”!  So she added a cup of gravy to my plate!  Very nice.

My daughter ordered the fried chicken with red beans.  Red beans were nothing special, but good!  Chicken is fried to order so be prepared to wait about 25 minutes if you order it, but it’s worth it.  The chicken was well seasoned, crispy and delicious.

And for dessert, the white chocolate bread pudding could very well be the best bread pudding I’ve ever had.  If I’ve had better bread pudding I can’t think of where, and I’ve been thinking about it.

Get to old Gretna and try Café 615, Home of Da Wabbit.  I love the place.  I highly recommend it!

615 Kepler St., Gretna, LA 70053  Ph: 504-365-1225

Blaine 9-25-2017

4 thoughts on “Café 615, Home of Da Wabbit, Gretna, LA Report #40

  1. Many year ago while staying on Grand Cayman island, I kept saying I was gonna try the turtle steak and never did as I was so hooked on the conch chowder. They used to farm turtles there. Does it actually resemble veal?

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