Pho 99, Harvey, LA Report #47

********** PERMANENTLY CLOSED **********


I received an email from Groupon not long ago and one of their featured restaurants was Pho 99.  I love Vietnamese cuisine so I bought it.  Since the weather FINALLY turned cool in New Orleans I decided it was time for a big, hot bowl of pho!

Located in a very small strip mall the place looks tiny from the outside, but pretty roomy inside.  The menu immediately disappointed me.  I was in the mood for a Vietnamese French bread sandwich but I must have this liver pate kind of stuff I’ve had at other Vietnamese restaurants.  It’s something like spreadable liver cheese if you can imagine that and they didn’t have it, so I passed on the sandwich.

We tried the fried egg rolls and a chargrilled pork spring roll.  The spring roll was excellent.  The egg roll was good but nothing special.  What was weird was the egg roll was served with the kind of sauce you’d get in a Chinese restaurant.  That sweet, duck sauce type stuff.  And this one was VERY sweet.  The spring roll on the other hand was served with the more traditional, very slightly sweet sauce, with red chili pepper flake and fish sauce in it.  And when I say “traditional” I mean what I’ve gotten at every other Vietnamese restaurant I’ve ever been to.   By no means do I mean what’s traditionally served in Vietnam.  That I have no idea on.

Pho is a Vietnamese beef noodle soup consisting of beef broth, thin rice noodles and different types of meat.  One of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants list the types of meat you can get in it and you just tell them what to add to it.  The menu at this place didn’t do that, instead listing different combos on the menu for you to chose from.  I’m sure they would make whatever combo you wanted but our waitress’s English wasn’t very good so I just went with the #6, which consisted of rare steak, flank, fatty brisket and tendon.  That’s about everything I normally get minus meatballs and tripe.  The broth was delicious but the beef wasn’t rare at all.  Pho always comes out piping hot, and other places basically stack raw, thinly sliced beef on top of the noodles.  It pretty much cooks instantly when you stir it into the broth.  One other complaint I could have was there wasn’t much tendon in it.  That’s what’s pictured on the spoon above.  I LOVE TENDON!  I could just eat a bowl of tendon soup.  The gelatinous, chewy texture is great.  I got maybe 5 pieces in the whole bowl.

This place is pretty good but not my favorite Vietnamese place.  That would be a place called Pho Tau Bay.  I’ll have to do a report on them next time I get there.  Interesting story behind that place.

1028 Manhattan Blvd., Ste E., Harvey, LA  70058

Blaine 10-28-2017

Sorry to report this restaurant has closed down.

Blaine 2-27-2018


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