Riccobono’s Peppermill, Metairie, LA Report #50

I’ve only been to this place for breakfast and that’s a good reason to come here.  Small bar, and when you see it packed with people drinking at 9:00 AM, you know you’re in New Orleans.  Or at least the metro area.  Also notice all the starters on the menu are alcoholic drinks.

On prior visits I’ve had the Eggs Benedict and the Crawfish Saute’ omelette.  Both are very good.  This trip I had my favorite.  The Crabcake Benedict.  Delicious.  Full of blue crab meat, with two perfectly poached eggs on top and a good hollandaise sauce.  Comes with potatoes or grits.  If you order the pecan Belgian Waffle it comes loaded with pecans cooked into the waffle.  The silver dollar pancakes are pretty big.  They give you five which is plenty enough.  I also love the way they package the after dinner mints!

Their dinner menu looks good and there’s a special Fall Feast menu going on right now.  I’ve got to get back here one day to try it.  As of now I can definitely recommend this place for breakfast.

3524 Severn Ave., Metairie, LA  70002   Ph: 504-455-2266

Blaine 11-5-2017



As I said almost three years ago, I’ve only been here for breakfast, and breakfast was on my mind when we came in. We arrived at about 12:15 PM, and I was wondering if they’d be in brunch mode, so I could order some breakfast items. Nope. They were only serving lunch. Good! That’d force me to finally try something different here!

We decided on:

And the food!!

The Crabmeat Angelique was utterly delicious! Sometimes Alfredo sauces are a little too rich for me. But the menu describes it perfectly. It’s a “delicate Alfredo that has been kissed with a touch of sweet roma tomatoes”. That sauce was really outstanding, the pasta was cooked perfectly, and there was a nice bit of crab meat in it. I’d order two of these as an entrée.

You get a salad with your entrée. I got blue cheese dressing, and it was very good. I wanted to ask if it was made in house, but forgot. It sure didn’t taste like anything that came out of a bottle.

My dining partner had the Veal & Eggplant Parmigiana. She loved it.

Liver and onions is traditionally served with grits here in New Orleans, but it was very good with mashed potatoes! The liver was extremely tender, and they didn’t skimp of the onions.

Everything was delicious. Glad I finally had a non-breakfast meal here.

3524 Severn Ave., Metairie, LA  70002   Ph: 504-455-2266

Blaine 9-20-2020

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