Mikimoto Japanese Restaurant, New Orleans, LA Report #51

This is my favorite place for sushi in New Orleans for a couple of reasons.  One is the food is good.  Two, I’ll explain later.

The place is tiny.  If you’re facing the building on the left side there’s a drive through AND parking.  These two don’t go together, as you can see better if you look at he view from the rear.  So if you park on that side and there’s a line in the drive through when you leave it’s going to be impossible for you to get out.  So park in the rear or on the street.  Seating is very limited, with only 12 tables and 7 seats at the sushi bar.  However I’ve never had to wait for a table, even during peak times and I’ve been coming here since the place opened.  About 18 years.

The menu is extensive.  Especially the sushi roll menu so I couldn’t take pics of the entire thing.  I did of a couple things I like though.  I love the Beef Asparagus Maki.  Thin slices of beef wrapped around asparagus, served sizzling out the oven on a pan and drizzled with sweet teriyaki sauce.  If you don’t like asparagus the Beef Nigimaki with green onion is equally as good.  The spicy Baked Scallop is also delicious, if you like those Japanese mayonnaise based sauces that is.

I decided on the Beef Teriyaki dinner.  The house salad is good, with that carrot ginger dressing I think every Japanese restaurant serves.  What’s unusual is the dinner comes with Miso soup, which is really good!  Other places give you that clear fish broth soup, with the mushrooms pieces and noodle type things, which you can get here too if you prefer that.  But if you don’t ask you get Miso.

Another thing I like about this place is every table has low sodium and regular soy sauce on the tables.  I think everywhere else I’ve been I’ve seen one or the other but not both.  Next was the second reason I love this place.   When I first started coming here you could get one piece of sushi for 99 cents.  Now it’s $1.50, but you can still order only ONE piece of sushi!  Why doesn’t everyone else do this?  Everywhere else you’re forced to get two pieces and pay over $4 for them.  Here you can get more variety for a lot less money.  I took full advantage of that and got one smelt roe, eel, mackerel, salmon and squid.  The pieces are a little smaller but for the price you can’t beat it!

The beef teriyaki is a rib eye steak, grilled to order, sliced and coated with teriyaki sauce and a sprinkle of sesame seeds.  I got mine rare.  Yum.  You can get it with white or fried rice.  I got fried.  Yum.  And every time I’ve ordered this they put a slice of cantaloupe on the plate.  Maybe as a garnish?  To me there’s no such thing as a garnish.  I eat everything.  I did pass on that lettuce though.  Anyway, the cantaloupe is always very sweet!

Great Japanese restaurant.  I highly recommend this place!

3301 S. Carrolton Ave., New Orleans, LA  70118  Ph: 504-488-1881

Blaine 11-10-2017

Another great meal here tonight.  As required now by law, they have posted on their menu that they use imported shrimp and crawfish.  The food is still great though. Sushi tonight was smelt roe, octopus, eel, mackerel and a spicy tuna roll.

Pan fried gyoza dumplings, chicken fried rice and a combo beef teriyaki and shrimp tempura meal rounded things out nicely.  One of them was my belly!  And this place has my favorite beef teriyaki.  An actual ribeye steak, grilled to order and hit with teriyaki sauce.  Last teriyaki I had was at a place named Little Tokyo.  It was just a pile of nondescript beef, might as well have been stew meat, with some watery teriyaki sauce on it.  Nice to get the real deal again.

Love this place.

3301 S. Carrolton Ave., New Orleans, LA 70118 Ph: 504-488-1881

Blaine 11-16-2019


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