The Olive Branch Cafe’, New Orleans, LA Report #53

Small place on the west bank of New Orleans with some really good food.  The marinara sauce served with the meatballs and angel hair pasta is light and delicious.  For $2.99 you can add what they call an 8″ garlic bread, but its more like a garlicky cheese pizza.  Very good.

I’ve had the Pasta Jambalaya before.  Penne pasta served with smoked sausage, chicken, onions and green peppers, tossed in a garlic cream sauce.  That was very good but I was in the mood for seafood and pasta tonight, so I decided on Becky’s Pasta.  Angel hair pasta with red onions, mushrooms and shrimp tossed in a cream sauce and served with a slab of breaded eggplant on top.  VERY good.  Loved it.

But the star of the show was the pizza.  Don’t think I ever had pizza here before but whenever I want pizza again THIS is where I’ll come!  I ordered the Five Cheese pizza (ricotta, mozzarella, feta, cheddar and parmesean) and added Italian sausage to it.  Good grief.  The fluffy white cheese you see on it is the ricotta.  The crust is thicker than a thin crust pizza, not quite as thick as a pan pizza, but it has that pan taste and is crispy as hell!  Utterly delicious.  I am not exaggerating.  If I’ve ever had a better pizza I can’t remember where.

Great place.  I highly recommend it.

5145 General De Gaulle Dr., New Orleans, LA  70131  Ph: 504-393-1107

Blaine  11-18-2017


I was in the pizza mood today, so I came here specifically for their Five Cheese pizza that I loved so much on my last visit.  IT’S NOT ON THE MENU ANYMORE!  When that happens I normally protest by throwing a chair through a window.  Today, I just decided to order something else.

We got a combo Meat Feast and Veggie pizza.  Very good, as their pizza always is.

I also ordered their manicotti with seafood sauce.   Pasta tubes stuffed with an Italian cheese blend and topped with a sauce containing fish, shrimp and crawfish.  You have the choice of Alfredo or marinara sauce on top.  I opted for Alfredo.  It was very good and very rich.  Maybe a little too rich.  I was kind of wishing I had got the marinara sauce so the acidity of the tomato would have cut the creaminess and fat of the dish a little, but it was still very good.

So don’t come here for the Five Cheese pizza that I loved so much.  But come here for the many other delicious things.

5145 General De Gaulle Dr., New Orleans, LA  70131  Ph: 504-393-1107

Blaine 6-9-2018




Came in tonight for a little Sunday night pizza and pasta, and we saw the Seafood Trio Pasta Special.  OMG.  Talk about delicious!  Loaded with shrimp, crawfish, and a whole blackened redfish fillet on top!  Angel hair pasta and a creamy, tomato Alfredo kind of sauce.  It was utterly delicious.

The Muffuletta pizza was also very good.  Great dinner!

5145 General De Gaulle Dr., New Orleans, LA 70131 Ph: 504-393-1107

Blaine 10-13-2019



We were in the mood for Italian, so we called The Olive Branch and asked if they were open for “dine in”.  Some girl told us they were.  We got there, they weren’t.  They told us we could eat on the porch if we liked.  Since we don’t live far away, we decided to just take the food home.  They said the dining room was opening tomorrow for dine in.

We got the Al Fresco Pizza, which was topped with garlic sauce, fresh spinach, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, Mozzarella and Feta cheese.  Very good!  This place makes great pizzas.

We also got spaghetti and meatballs, and Becky’s Pasta, which is angel hair pasta in what they call a Cajun Cream Sauce, with red onions, mushrooms and shrimp, topped with two breaded eggplant rounds and Parmesan cheese.  It’s delicious.

Great place!  And starting tomorrow you can eat inside.

5145 General De Gaulle Dr., New Orleans, LA 70131 Ph: 504-393-1107

Blaine 5-31-2020



Long overdue for a return trip here. We ordered the Seafood Bites, Becky’s Pasta, and a half Muffuletta and half red onion, black olive, feta and anchovy pizza.

$$$ THE FOOD $$$

First time trying what they call seafood “bites”. No idea why it’s called that. It’s like an opened sub loaf covered with a chopped seafood mixture in a sauce and cheese and baked. All I can say is definitely order it! The menu says the bread is freshly baked and I believe them. The seafood mixture has a great flavor and it’s nice and cheesy. One of the most delicious things I ever ate!

We’ve had the Becky’s Pasta before. Still great. And the pizza was fantastic. A lot of places skimp on anchovies but not here.

Excellent dinner tonight.

5145 General De Gaulle Dr., New Orleans, LA 70131 Ph: 504-393-1107

Blaine 12-18-2021

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