Neyow’s Creole Café, New Orleans, LA #54

I heard very good things about this place.  A friend told me a friend of his came to New Orleans for the first time and he took him here to eat.  He said after eating here his friend wanted to move to New Orleans.  Hmmmm.  Pretty strong endorsement.

Nice looking place.  Nice size main dining room and a skinny side dining room where we sat.  The place is popular.  It was pretty packed and I tried to come here once in the past but left due to a half hour wait for a table.

Walking in I saw a plate of red beans and rice that looked very good.  Full of pickled meat (I think.  May have been ham).  I also saw a plate with huge paneed pork chops and a platter of char grilled oysters that looked very good.  If you never had them they’re oysters on the half shell, that are put on a BBQ pit and slathered with garlic, herbs and butter until they are just cooked, them served with French bread for sopping up that butter sauce.

We started off with the crawfish balls.  The menu said they were crawfish balls wrapped in crabmeat and deep fried.  They were good.  As you can see from the one I cut open don’t look for a bunch of crawfish tails, but the crabmeat stuffing was not to bready and seasoned well.

For our entrée we decided on the Neyow’s Extravagana Dinner, for TWO.  2 cups of gumbo, 2 house salads, fried shrimp, oysters, fish, stuffed crab, stuffed shrimp ONE steak, 2 sides and two desserts.  The menu specified one steak, but you also got one stuffed crab and stuffed shrimp.

The gumbo was good but there was one problem.  All I got in mine was sausage and one piece of what I think was ham.  On the other hand my dining partner got that, plus a piece of hot sausage and a few shrimp.  If you’re dishing out a bowl of gumbo from your pot at home you can pick what you want from the pot.  Restaurants should ensure every bowl of gumbo gets, if not the same ingredients, at least one or some of each one they put in the pot.

The salad was nothing special, but of course no one goes to eat somewhere for the side salad.  Dressing was definitely out a bottle though.  Maybe Kraft or some cheap brand.  I got blue cheese and it was the consistency of mayo out a squeeze bottle.

The steak was a ribeye.  Very thin, but we ordered it medium and it came out a perfect medium rare.  Seasoned good, tender and very tasty.

The fried fish, oysters and shrimp were delicious.  We only got 4 shrimp, but maybe 6 oysters and one filet of fish.  The menu didn’t specify and I forgot to ask what kind but it tasted like catfish.  The stuffed crab was good and crabby.  Not to bready.  The stuffed shrimp was the opposite.  Hardly any crabmeat in the breading surrounding the shrimp.  For our sides we settled for French fries and mac n cheese.  The fries were good, but the mac n cheese was excellent.  Best thing we had there.

Now, our waitress told us this was her second day on the job when she had trouble answering questions.  We had a choice of two desserts and one on the menu was a “mini praline pound”.  We asked her what it was and she had no idea.  We told her go find out.  My dining partner asked if it was like a piece of pound cake with praline pieces on top or what?  She came back and said “no, there are no praline pieces with it”.  We asked again, “So WHAT is it”?  She said she didn’t know.  I sent her BACK to find out.  She came back and said the chef couldn’t really explain it.  I sent her BACK and told her send me either the chef or a manager.  A guy comes out and I ask if he’s the manager.  He says the managers not around but the dessert consist of a piece of pound cake with pecans on top and a caramel sauce.  We said, “Great.  We don’t want that.  BUT we wanted to know what the hell it was and why no one here could tell us!  Bring us the bread pudding and beignet sticks”.  Beignet sticks were pretty good.  Fried very crisp with a good with a cinnamon sugar sauce that was yummy.  Bread pudding was EXCELLENT if you like raisins in it, that is.  I don’t like raisins in mine, but it is traditional New Orleans.  The good thing is there weren’t many at all, so you could easily eat around them.

All in all the place was pretty good.  I guess I’d recommend it.  But if a good friend was coming in from out of town and I wanted him to have a REALLY good meal, this place wouldn’t be on my list.

3332 Bienville St., New Orleans, LA  70119  Ph: 504-827-5474

Blaine  11-22-1027

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