The Chimes, Covington, LA #55

I live in New Orleans, and sometimes when you see my reports you’ll see places like Metairie, Harvey, or Gretna, Louisiana.  All of those places are in the New Orleans metro area and at most a 10 minute drive from the New Orleans CBD.  This ones a little further.  Covington, Louisiana is on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain and the quickest way to get there is to drive across the longest continuous bridge over water in the WORLD!  The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway.  24 miles of bridge all over water.

When you get there you won’t see the building from the highway.  Just a sign.  The building is tucked back into the woods.  The place is huge.  Two stories and out back there’s a wooden board walk leading down to the Bogue Falaya river.  Huge bar that offers every kind of beer in the world and balconies up and downstairs if you prefer to dine outside.

On previous visits I’ve had the Langiappe cakes, which are fried seafood cakes.  Pass on those.  Mostly breadcrumbs.  The works cheese fries and shrimp and grits appetizers are good.  For entrees the New Orleans Style BBQ Shrimp with the fried tasso grit cakes and the Crawfish Etoufee are both very good.  But today was sandwich day it seems because that’s what everyone in my party wanted.

For appetizers we had the buffalo wings and the fried boudin (pronounced boo-dan) balls.  The wings were a generous portion served with celery and carrot sticks and blue cheese and ranch dressing for dipping.  Boudin is a pork and rice sausage, but to make the balls the sausage is removed from the casing, formed into balls and deep fried.  It was served with what the call a “Gator Sauce” which was like a horseradishy mayonnaise.  Both were very good.

My daughter is on a low carb diet so she ordered the Jalapeño Bacon Burger without a bun with pepper jack cheese and a side salad.  They put out an impressive little side salad.  She said the burger was good but didn’t eat the jalapeños because they fry them.

My son had the club with fried chicken on it.  He said it was very good.  A fried shrimp and a roast beef poboy finished off our sandwich orders.

Poboys are the traditional sandwich of New Orleans.  I think the most popular theory of how the sandwich got it’s name is in the 1920’s there was a streetcar (trolley) conductor strike and a local restauranteur made sandwiches for the striking workers consisting of French bread, French fries and gravy.  He fed the “poor boys” with it, the name stuck, and over the years it was shortened to “Poboys”.

Anyway, both sandwiches were really good.  Hot roast beef with brown gravy is a classic New Orleans poor boy sandwich.

I’ve had their bread pudding before and it’s very good, but today we decided on the hot fudge brownie sundae.  I don’t like brownies too much because they’re normally too dense for my taste.  This wasn’t.  More like chocolate cake.  Very light and delicious.  Great dessert.

If you decide to visit Covington, La., I highly recommend this place.

19130 Rogers Ln., Covington, LA  70433  Ph: 985-892-5396

Blaine 11-24-2017

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