Chris’s Donuts, New Orleans, LA Report #57

This isn’t really a restaurant but I felt a need to do a report on it.  I was born and raised in New Orleans and small, independently owned donut shops are common.  Everyone here had a favorite neighborhood bakery and/or donut shop growing up.  But I’ve been informed that in other parts of the country that’s not the case.  All you have is Dunkin, Tim Horton’s, Krispy Kreme or some other big chain.  No small neighborhood shops.  If true, that is truly horrible!  You need an option to get fat with a personal touch.

Back to this joint.  Ok, besides donuts, they serve VERY limited breakfast menu so I guess it’s a restaurant, which justifies me doing a restaurant report on it.  BUT I must tell you.  Before I accidently discovered this place to me a donut was pretty much a donut.  Then I tried the glaze donuts here one morning while they were still nice and fresh.  OH MY GOD.  These are the best donuts in New Orleans.  Period.  Worth a short drive from anywhere.  So if you live, say, in Virginia, jump in the car and come get some!

7030 Bullard Ave., New Orleans, LA  70128  Ph: 504-218-5814

Blaine  11-27-2017


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