Times Grill, Mandeville, LA Report #56

This is one of my absolute favorite places for burgers although other menu items I’ve tried have been pretty good.  The place has that college game day type atmosphere, with a bar area that’s semi walled off in the dining room.  They even let you tailgate in the parking lot!  I’m sure they were happy.  LSU went on to beat Texas A&M that day 45-21.  I know the Baton Rouge location was popular with LSU students but I understand they closed down.

We started off with the Chorizo Con Queso Dip.  It was delicious.  The chorizo wasn’t spicy at all which was slightly disappointing to me but the cheese dip was creamy and delicious.  Instead of tortilla chips they serve it with what seemed to be fried pita bread triangles.  Thicker and heartier than tortilla chips and delicious.

I love the way you can chose the size of your burger.  6, 8 or 12 ounces of beef, or turkey patty, or make the sandwich a chicken breast sandwich.  My dining partner got the Goldburger, which was a burger topped with melted pepperjack cheese, BBQ sauce and a couple onion rings.  Delicious.  Especially the onion rings.  They make great ones.

I normally get the Cajun Sunset burger, because I like a sunny side up egg on my burgers, but today I decided on Cochon de Lait Burger, which was topped with pulled pork and provolone cheese.  When I got the burger I couldn’t see the pulled pork because it was covered with cheese, so I had to pick it up with my for to be sure there was pulled pork under that blob.  As you can see there was.  I spread it out, put the sandwich together, and it was beautiful!  And delicious.  They really do a good job here cooking the burgers to order.

For dessert I decided on trying a vanilla shake.  That was disappointing.  The shake was very watery.  Good flavor, but not thick at all.  It was like it had melted.  I’ve been here several times but this was my first time trying a shake.  Maybe I just got a bad shake maker.

For burgers, I highly recommend this place.

1896 N. Causeway Blvd., Mandeville, LA  70471  Ph: 985-626-1161

Blaine 11-25-2017


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