Russell’s Marina Grill, New Orleans, LA Report #59

Great place.  Located a couple blocks from the shores of Lake Pontchartrain and across the street from a marina, the place is always packed.  Outside dining patio, nice size dining room and bar.  Speaking of the bar you know you’re in New Orleans when you see Big Al’s Bloody Mary featured prominently on the breakfast menu.

I’ve been here too many times to count.  I was trying to get a picture of the pies in the refrigerated case.  The height of the meringue on those pies was impressive!  Nicely browned too, although you can’t tell by the picture.   I took pics of the entire menu and a couple sections I love.   The different variations on eggs benedict are really good.  The Eggs 9th, with the two crab cakes substituting for English muffins and hollandaise sauce with shrimp are very good.  I also love the Shrimp Omelet, with the crabmeat sauce on top.  The Waffle Bananas Foster is great but VERY sweet.  It’s a big Belgium waffle topped with a scoop of real vanilla bean ice cream and a bananas foster sauce.

Today I went for the BBQ Shrimp and grits.  I’ve had it several times before and it’s delicious, but today the grits were kind of watery.  I like my grits like my women.  Thick.  And even a little lumpy!  But I’ll give them a pass for screwing up the grits this once.  Also, they leave the tails on the shrimp.  All that accomplishes is making them harder to eat and pissing me off!  My dining partner had eggs, bacon and the fried Sage Grit Cake, which is pretty good.

Another thing they dropped the ball on today beside the grits were my pancakes.  I like my pancakes hot.  I told the waitress not to put my pancakes in until I asked.  I wanted to eat the rest of my food first then have my pancakes hot for dessert.  When I was almost done with my shrimp and grits she passed by and I asked her to please put my pancakes in.  She brought them a little too quick, and they were cold, so apparently she put everything in at once and just held them in the kitchen until I asked.  I was not happy.  We had to get going so I didn’t have time to send them back.  But normally the pancakes are great.   They must use a very hot griddle because they come out with a little crispness to them which I love.

Even though there were a few hiccups today I love this place and highly recommend it.

8555 Pontchartrain Blvd., New Orleans, LA  70124  Ph: 504-282-9980

Blaine 12-3-2017


As I said before, this place is always packed. When we arrived they told us it’d be a 30 minute wait. We decided to wait, and that was exactly how long it took to get a table.

We decided on the Chicken Fried Steak with scrambled eggs, the Shrimp Omelet and the Waffle Bananas Foster.


My dining partner said the chicken fried steak was pretty good, but could have been seasoned more.

I had the omelet. It was fantastic! I don’t know how they get the eggs so light and fluffy, and I’d kill for that crab sauce. If you order this take my advice and ask for a little extra sauce.

Instead of toast, you have the option of biscuits or English Muffins with your breakfast. I opted for an English Muffin. Be sure to try their strawberry jam. They make it in house and you’ll know that immediately. No way that delicious, fresh taste could come out of a jar.

Lastly, the Waffle Bananas Foster. Last time I had it I thought it was a little too sweet. They toned that sweetness down some which is an improvement in my book. Our waitress gave us the vanilla ice cream, which is really good, on the side because it was kind of soft.

Great place and worth the wait!

8555 Pontchartrain Blvd., New Orleans, LA  70124  Ph: 504-282-9980

Blaine 9-27-2020

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