El Mesquite Grill, Gretna, LA Report #60

**********   PERMANENTLY CLOSED   **********


I’ve been to this place twice before.  Once maybe 11 years ago and then again maybe 10 years ago.  That last visit we made the mistake of going there on Mardi Gras night.  If you’re in the New Orleans metro area you NEVER go out to eat on Mardi Gras night.  The cooks, wait staff and possibly the owner all get drunk and call in sick, so expect bad food and bad service.  And that was just what we got.  Figured it was time to give them another try.  My favorite Mexican joint on the west bank of the Mississippi river is El Paso (see report #9) so I had a place in mind to compare it too.

The inside of the place is a maze of different dining rooms.  Pretty place.  Nice décor.  Like ALL Mexican joints they bring out chips and salsa.  Hooray.  Nothing at all special about these.  The chips may as well have come out a bag and the salsa out a jar.  Some places bring you hot chips, freshly fried.  I think El Paso does that.   Can’t remember now.

Next we tried the Chipotle Shrimp as a starter.  Very good!  If you love chipotle peppers, as I do, you’ll love this.  Very strong chipotle flavor.

We had the combo fajitas with the chicken, steak and shrimp, served with warm flour tortillas and all the fixings.   Pretty good, but nothing extraordinary.

I decided on the Enchiladas El Tri.  A steak, chicken and cheese enchilada covered with different sauces.  The cheese one on the right was covered with a salsa verde and very tasty.  The steak one on the left was covered with a red sauce and also good.  The chicken one in the middle, covered with melted cheese, no.  For a lack of a better description it tasted “disjointed”.  Like the chicken didn’t belong in the enchilada and didn’t want to be in there!  Like they had a rotisserie chicken in the fridge, cut some meat off it, warmed it in the microwave, wrapped it in a tortilla and poured some queso over it.  It didn’t taste like the chicken was cooked in the enchilada, and it was tough and dry.

Tried the flan for dessert.  Good, but nothing special.

El Paso easily remains my favorite Mexican restaurant.  The best way to describe this one is average.  It’s exactly the kind of Tex Mex cuisine you expect to get anywhere, and that’s about it.

516 Gretna Blvd., Gretna, LA  70053  Ph: 504-367-1022

Blaine 12-3-2017


Sorry to report this place has closed down!  But there’s a new, and very good Mexican place right across the street named Margaritas.  Worth checking out!

Blaine 2-29-2020


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