Tan Dinh Vietnamese Bistro, Gretna, LA Report #61

It snowed today in New Orleans.  In case you don’t know, that hardly EVER happens!  When it gets cold like this every normal New Orleanian’s thoughts turn to one dish.  GUMBO!  But since I’m not normal, and too damn lazy to make a pot of gumbo, my thoughts turned to Pho!  That delicious Vietnamese beef noodle soup.  So it was time to head to one of my favorite Vietnamese places, Tan Dinh.

This place is great.  Nice, spacious dining room and I love the way each table is set.  You’ve got your silverware, chopsticks, napkins, straws and even a scissors on each table to snip your Vietnamese herbs that come to your table into your pho to release all those fragrant and delicious oils into your soup.  And I’ve never seen such a big selection of tapioca drinks.  I like mine without those annoying tapioca pearls.  If you’ve never had an avocado one, don’t knock it till you try it.  They’re delicious.

The menu is a lot more extensive than other Vietnamese restaurants.  Anything char grilled here is REALLY char grilled.  You can taste the smokiness in the meats like they just came off a BBQ pit.  We got the chargrilled pork spring rolls and the char grilled pork vermicelli.  I love that peanut dipping sauce for the spring rolls.  In fact, I pour the leftover sauce into the vermicelli bowl.  As you can see they don’t skimp on the meat.  In the bowl or in the rolls.  Delicious.

The fried egg rolls are very tasty.  Rice paper rolls fried VERY crisp.  Again, they don’t skimp with the meat.  I hate when you get egg rolls that are filled with 90% veggies.  These are mostly meat.

Pho is the national dish of Vietnam.  To me, pho is pho.  Seems wherever I get it it’s about the same.  Not saying it’s not delicious!  And here, it is delicious.  I love it.

But finally, I had to get my favorite dish at this place.  The goat simmered in a house curry with mixed nuts!  The nuts are mostly cashews, which I love.  And the curry is more like a yummy brown gravy that goes great over the big pile of jasmine rice that comes with it.  The goat is seasoned perfectly, tender and delicious.

Also, you can get French bread with any of their dishes in addition to, or instead of rice.  I’m not sure if they bake it fresh on the premises, but it sure taste like it.  Crusty, fresh and hot.

If you love Vietnamese cuisine, you’ve got to get to this place.  I highly recommend it.

1705 Lafayette St., Gretna, LA  70053  Ph: 504-361-8008

Blaine 12-8-2017




Back for another round.  The shrimp spring rolls are very good.  The chicken wings are utterly delicious!  They’re described on the menu as crispy chicken wings (and they are VERY crispy), drizzled with garlic butter/tamarind/ spicy lemongrass OR fish sauce.  Not sure what the deal with the “OR” is or how they decide which to use, or if it’s a typo and they meant “AND”.    Either way they are great.  These definitely had lemon grass because you could taste that wonderful lemony flavor.  We had to get the char grilled pork with jasmine rice.  Love that pork.  And this was my first time trying their pho.  I got the combo with rare flank, brisket, beef ball, tendon and tripe.  Very good.  Again, I highly recommend this place.

1705 Lafayette St., Gretna, LA  70053  Ph: 504-361-8008

Blaine 12-20-2017


Time for Vietnamese cuisine again.  That’s how the place looks in the daytime.  Not such a good experience today.  First, I ordered chargrilled pork spring rolls as an appetizer and didn’t get them.  This was after our waiter passed by the table and said, “The spring rolls will be out soon”!  After another ten minutes or so all of our entrees came out, but no spring rolls.

I wanted to try something different for an entrée and was torn between ordering the Shrimp simmered in house curry Jasmine rice platter and the Salt & Pepper shrimp one.  I asked the waiter which one was best and he told me the curry one, so I went with that.

I absolutely HATE when they serve shrimp in a dish with the tail on it!  It slows down my eating!  And the shrimp were NOT cooked in curry.  In fact, it tasted like they maybe just salt and peppered them then steamed them.  The curry sauce was good but they put very little on the plate, under everything else.  Not near enough to go with the amount of rice that came with the dish.  If you dine here I don’t recommend this dish.

1705 Lafayette St., Gretna, LA  70053  Ph: 504-361-8008

Blaine 6-16-2018


Tried a new dish today.  The Korean beef short ribs.  Served with Kimchi.  Delicious!  The beef was very tender, seasoned well, and the Kimchi went well with it.  Great dish.

1705 Lafayette St., Gretna, LA  70053  Ph: 504-361-8008

Blaine 4-6-2019




You can’t go wrong with starting out with their fried eggrolls and shrimp spring rolls.  I love that peanut sauce.

For my entrée I had the marinated roasted duck with au jus sauce, with Jasmine rice and kimchi.  Unlike the duck dish at China Doll, this one doesn’t take 45 minutes to get to your table!  And it was delicious.  Tender and seasoned perfectly.  I was never a fan of kimchi, but it goes good with duck.  It’s acidity kind of cuts the fattiness of the duck.  I recommend this dish!

1705 Lafayette St., Gretna, LA 70053 Ph: 504-361-8008

Blaine 9-8-2019


I came in for a bowl of pho, but then noticed they added some combo meals to the front of their menu.  I decided to try the Lemongrass Pork Skewer bowl.

I am a big eater, and I took a good bit of it home!  Two normal eaters could definitely split this.  I love those eggrolls.  I’ve never had eggrolls anywhere else with a crispy crust like these.  The skewered pork is a ground pork, and very delicious.  This dish is a winner!

1705 Lafayette St., Gretna, LA 70053 Ph: 504-361-8008

Blaine 3-7-2020







We put in an order for pickup at PF Chang’s on Wednesday, to pick up today at 12:15PM.  Now, I know it’s Mother’s Day and everyone is busy as hell, but their system for pickup orders is horrendous.   You have to park in a numbered space in the parking garage, and there arent a lot of them.  They all filled up, then people blocked traffic waiting for them to open.  I called the restaurant, and told them I was waiting outside on the sidewalk.  A closer walk than having their runners bring the order over to the garage!  They told me I had to be parked in a spot to receive my order, even though I had already saw people on the sidewalk picking up orders.  I told them that wasn’t happening since they all were taken, so just cancel my order.

Tan Dinh?  No such drama.  Call in, easily pick up your stuff from smiling, friendly people!  Pictured are the shrimp spring rolls, lemon grass chicken wings, egg rolls with pressed vermicelli, vermicelli bowl with egg rolls and char grilled pork and lemon grass tofu plate.  Everything was yummy, as always.

And to all you Mothers out there, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!

1705 Lafayette St., Gretna, LA 70053 Ph: 504-361-8008

Blaine 5-10-2020



     We just had a cold front come through!  It was still about 80 degrees today, but it was a cold front none the less.   So why not get some pho?  And shrimp spring rolls?  And lemon grass chicken wings?

%%%   THE FOOD   %%%


As usual, everything was delicious. Love this place.

1705 Lafayette St., Gretna, LA 70053 Ph: 504-361-8008

Blaine 10-28-2021

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