Dat Dog, New Orleans, LA Report #63

If you’re tired of traditional hot dogs this is the place for you.  Indoor and outdoor patio seating.  Nice bar, with a door allowing the bartender to serve both indoor and outdoor diners.  On weekends they also have local vendors selling art, jewelry and clothes in the patio area.

We tried three dogs.  First, we had the Traditional German Wiener.  Comes in beef or pork.  We had beef.  We topped it modestly with yellow mustard and dill relish.  It was really good but my least favorite since it was just a plain hot dog!

Next, we tried the Blue Dat Burger.  Ground beef rolled into the shape of a hotdog and topped with grilled onions, bacon, blue cheese dressing and BBQ sauce.  They asked us if we wanted it cooked medium or well.  Thank goodness we said “medium” because it came very well done.  It was really good!  Beats a traditional hot dog any day.

I saved the best for last.  We had the Hot Sausage Dog made with Vaucresson hot sausage.  The Vaucresson (pronounced Vo-Cruh-Sohn) family has been making hot sausage in New Orleans since 1899 so they know how to do it right, and these folks at Dat Dog know how to cook it right!  The link had that grilled, crispy skin, while the inside was nice, spicy and juicy.  All we topped it with was a little mayo.

I’ve also got to mention their buns.  When they first opened years ago I read an article about them and thought they made their own buns.  They don’t.  They told me a company makes sour dough buns for them and before they serve them they steam them and toast them on the grill.  Sounds simple but damn are they good!  Best hot dogs buns I ever had.

We also tried their fries topped with sour cream and crawfish etoufee.  Excellent.  The etouffee is really good.  I want to try their dog with it next visit.

If you have a hot dog itch this is definitely the place to scratch it.  I highly recommend it.

3336 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA  70115  Ph:  504-324-2226

Blaine  12-10-2017

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