Chubbie’s, New Orleans, LA Report #65

It’s hard to find a fried chicken joint that’s not part of some big chain like Popeye’s, KFC or Church’s, but on the Westbank of New Orleans there’s one, and it’s VERY good!  The line inside is a testament to that.  And Chubbie’s sells a lot more than fried chicken.  The only non-chicken food I’ve had there was a catfish po-boy once and it was very good.  And Chubbie’s has nice, big pieces of chicken.  Last time I went to Popeye’s I got a chicken leg with my two piece dark and I swear it may have been a pigeon leg.  Three bites I was done with it.

I ordered a fried chicken dinner with white beans and a fried chicken gizzard dinner with rice dressing (also called “dirty rice”).  Note, the dinners don’t come with drinks.  You have to purchase them separately.  I absolutely LOVE fried chicken gizzards.  When I ordered it the cashier called out, “I NEED A GIZZARD DINNER”, to the kitchen.  She was ignored.  I paid for my order.  Then she called out again, “I NEED A GIZZARD DINNER”!  This time they answered her.  “WE AIN’T HAD GIZZARDS IN TWO DAYS’!  The, “Oh shit” look on her face was priceless as she called the manager to give me my money back.  He actually didn’t give me my money back.  I ordered something else.  He came back and told me the gizzard dinner came to like $7.14, and what I replaced it with was $7.50, so we’ll call it even.  Nice of him.

Seating is very limited inside so I took my food to go.  As you can see in the pics if you order a dinner with white beans they separate the chicken from the beans with a piece of foil.  Seems like a small thing but a lot of places don’t do that.  They’ll dump everything in the plate together so your chicken can get soggy on top of the beans or when the beans slosh over the dividers in the plate.  The white beans are great.  A side you don’t normally see in chicken joints.  Nice bit of seasoning ham in them.

They forgot to put my rice dressing in the bag, which I wasn’t happy with.  I got some potato salad too.  If you like potato salad with big chunks of potatoes in it, you’ll like this one.  I prefer mine less chunky and creamier but this one was still pretty good.  The dinner rolls are nice and soft as are the biscuits, with a nice buttery flavor.

I had never tried their pies before so I ordered a lemon and a chocolate one.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I didn’t expect store bought pies.  That Hershey’s chocolate one was delicious though.  If I see them in stores I’d definitely buy a couple.

Lastly, here’s a bonus product report!  I recently bought Heinz Jalapeño and Sriracha flavored ketchup, and decided to try it on the fries from Chubbie’s.  Both taste exactly like, KETCHUP!  Nothing else.  Complete waste of money.  Granted, being from New Orleans I’m used to bold, spicy flavors, so for all I know, to some Yankee, these may be considered “spicy”.  Who knows?

4850 General Meyer Ave., New Orleans, LA  70131  Ph:  504-392-2377

Blaine   12-21-2017




I had just come home from lunch at Parran’s Po-Boys when my significant other walked in with a plate of food from Chubbie’s. They have great chicken, but we hardly ever get it because the place is only open 24 hours a week! I don’t live far away, but just about every time I pass by they’re closed. I posted the hours above, so if you’re around when they’re open, I recommend them.

4850 General Meyer Ave., New Orleans, LA  70131  Ph:  504-392-2377

Blaine 1-29-2021

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