Specialty Italian Bistro, Gretna, LA Report #66

I’ve been coming to this place for a few years and I like it!  The dining room, which I neglected to take a picture of isn’t huge, but it’s not tiny.  Nicely decorated too.  The “Today’s menu” Philly Cheesesteak pizza sign is always there, so it’s not like it’s a special.

The seafood gumbo has okra in it, so beware if you’re not a fan of okra.  Also, they use dried shrimp in it instead of fresh.  Overall it’s not bad but I’d pass on the gumbo.  Nothing special about it at all.

The entrees come with a salad and I love the way they put a generous grating of mozzarella cheese on it.  You have a choice of creamy Italian, ranch, blue cheese, Caesar or honey mustard dressing.  I got the honey mustard, which is pretty good.

Next was my favorite appetizer.  The Sicilian Baked Cheese.  A mound of seasoned, cheese baked in the middle of a pool of marinara sauce.  I didn’t know what kind of cheese it was so I asked the waitress, who didn’t know either.  All she knew was it was a blend of five cheeses with Italian herbs.  Either way it’s creamy and delicious.  Served with Italian seasoned pita triangles perfect for dipping.

We tried the Specialty Combo pizza.  Pepperoni, Italian sausage, ground beef, onions, mushroom, green peppers, black olives and anchovies on half.  Even though the crust looks seriously browned the crust wasn’t overly crispy.  It had a nice little chewiness to it.  Very good pizza.

We ordered the lasagna with an added meatball.  It came out with a huge meatball cut in half.  Very meaty and cheesy.  Everything lasagna should be!

Not on the menu, the waitress advised us of the special – Chicken Marsala.  She described it as paneed chicken breast  with mushrooms in a Marsala wine sauce served over linguine.  I ordered it.  After she put it on the table and left I noticed it was over angle hair pasta, which I like so I wasn’t even going to bring it up.  But she came back to the table and said she noticed my dish was prepared with angle hair instead of linguine, so she brought it up to the chef and asked him what the hell was going on and should they have a talk!  I told her it was fine, so no big deal.  By the way, she was a very nice and efficient waitress.  The dish was delicious.  After the heavier marinara sauces this sauce was very light with a delicious Marsala wine flavor.  However the chicken breast wasn’t what I’d call “paneed”.  To me paneed is meat passed through an egg wash, breaded with seasoned bread crumbs and fried.  This had a very light crust on it like it was dusted with flour.  Like plain fried chicken.  I still enjoyed the dish though.

Also, not on the menu, was a Limoncello Marscapone cake for dessert.  It was delicious.  The slice was kind of small though.  Maybe she was trying to give us a message considering we ate like pigs!

Finally, the restaurant has an app for your smartphone.  There’s a card on the table you can scan to get the app, download it right there, and get several coupons.  Like a free app, up to $6, with the purchase of two entrees (which we used), $5 off a $25 or more purchase, and a few others.  So be sure to take advantage of that if you dine there.

Nice place for Italian food.  I recommend it.

2330 Belle Chasse Hwy., Gretna, LA  70053  Ph: 504-391-1090

Blaine 12-29-2017


Had the Muffuletta pizza tonight. Utterly delicious. Come here and get one. You won’t regret it.

2330 Belle Chasse Hwy., Gretna, LA 70053 Ph: 504-391-1090

Blaine 7-12-2019

6 thoughts on “Specialty Italian Bistro, Gretna, LA Report #66

  1. Not to self, don’t start looking at these enjoyable reviews late at night, best to do it on a full stomach! Much enjoy getting a window into delicious food, never been to the south but always enjoy the food from there. At some point I’ll make it down, so now I have some places to check out : )

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      1. Thanks! I used to do a little food blog for fun quite a few years ago, “tasty bud’s food review,” and there is some surprisingly good offerings in Minnesota, but we have a looong wy to go to match the South for variety and comfort food!

        I always hear about how great it is from friens, counsins, uncles, so hopefully through osmosis, but mostly by reading your posts I’ll get some recipe idea’s, and know where to go when I visit!

        Keep up the great work my friend!

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