Jung’s Golden Dragon II, New Orleans, LA Report #68


I once worked as a personal trainer at an Anytime Fitness.  The owner was a Chinese guy and we talked about food once.  I asked him if there was anywhere in New Orleans to get authentic Chinese food and he told me there wasn’t.  Well, this place has two menus.  A typical Americanized Chinese food one and one they label, “Chinese Authentic Menu”.  I took pics of that whole for your convenience.  Yummy sounding things like jelly fish with fresh garlic and cucumber, sliced beef shank and ox tripe in Szechuan chili sauce, pork belly cooked with brown sauce, shredded pork stomach with mixed veggies, pig intestines with cucumber, braised beef tendon or shank with brown sauce and beef tripe mixed with Szechuan pepper oil and pepper.

I’m not a huge fan of the Americanized Chinese food and I like trying authentic cuisines.  I came here maybe a year ago and tried the beef tendon in brown sauce.  I remember the tendon being a little tough and not being too impressed with the dish, but I was feeling adventurous today and wanted something different.  I specifically came to try a tripe dish.  I love tripe, but was disappointed to see that the tripe dishes were served cold.  I’ve cooked tripe myself, stewed down in a brown gravy and served over rice, and can’t imagine eating it cold, so I passed on it.

We started out with the Crab Rangoon.  Just like you’d get anywhere else, and maybe not as good.  Fried won tons, pretty greasy, stuffed with a little slightly crab flavored cream cheese.

We tried the combination fried rice.  The shrimp and small pieces of chicken and pork were few and far between and everything else about it failed to impress.

The sweet and sour pork was below average.  Small, rubbery chunks of pork fried in a batter with a spongy consistency.  Bleh.

I still had to scratch my itch for authentic Chinese cuisine so I ordered the “Stewed 1/2 Duck With Brown Sauce”.  I love duck sooooooo much it’s almost impossible to mess it up for me.  Well, they did.  Big pretty plate of duck but the compliments stop there.  The duck was a little tough and salty.  I’m not sure how to describe the brown sauce.  Very slightly sweet.  Not like a gravy at all.  Anyway, I didn’t like the dish.

The only way I’d recommend this place is if you want to try something different like pig intestines or jelly fish.  Otherwise, go somewhere else.

3009 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA  70115  504-891-8280

Blaine 1-7-2018

6 thoughts on “Jung’s Golden Dragon II, New Orleans, LA Report #68

  1. Ha, no way!! I too once worked at an Anytime Fitness as a personal trainer too, what a coincidence. I knew we were brothers from another mother when it came to food, looks like we share an affection for training too!

    That’s too funny the response of the owner when you asked him if there was any good Chinese food around, “no.” ROFL!!

    Looking at that menu and seeing “pig intenstine with cucumber” scares me : (

    I can’t imagine why you didn’t order that : )

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    1. It was funny. It was Christmas time so he took me, another trainer and the receptionist to lunch at an Italian Restaurant in the same little strip mall as the Anytime. He also wanted to discuss this small group training planned for the new year. His English was so broken you’d think he just arrived in America. He told us a story about how he ended up in the hospital when he first came to America. His wife rushed him there in so much pain they thought he was having a heart attack. It wasn’t a heart attack. They figured out the pain was from him eating cheese for the first time in his life. He said in real Chinese cooking in China there is NO cheese. Of course you probably know how hard that casein is to digest! The way he told the story had me laughing my ass off!

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      1. Haha!! That’s a crazy story, but very funny, was laughing out loud : )

        I know I’ve read that the Chinese eat very little (usually no dairy products) and look upon cow’s milk very unfavorably as cow blood or sweat, and think the practice of drinking milk is disgusting. But, if you have European ancestry it’s nothing to worry about of course as that’s been a long consumed tradition.

        I would have never know such a crazy reaction would have occured though, wow!

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