Las Mkt, Las Vegas, NV Report #69

A couple firsts here. 1) this is my first time reporting on a restaurant in an airport and 2) this is my first time doing a report on my iPhone so I have no idea how the finished report will look. If I’m smart enough to actually finish it, that is.

Anyway, I normally wouldn’t think about reporting on a joint in an airport but a lot of people change planes in Vegas and might find info on some good grub useful. And this is good, so I decided to report on it.

This place is located in concourse “C” in the Las Vegas airport. We decided on the steak and egg wrap and the bacon, cheese and egg flatbread. The steak wrap consisted of shaved steak, blue cheese crumbles, roasted tomatoes, yellow and green onion on a toasted, hot wrap. It was delicious! The flatbread wasn’t as impressive but also pretty good. If you’ve ever had one of those frozen Red Baron breakfast pizzas that’s what it tasted like. And for dessert I had trouble deciding between the blueberry cheesecake and pineapple upside down cake. I made the right choice. The upside down cake was moist, fresh and delicious.

If you’re ever in the Vegas airport, hungry, and have some time to kill I recommend this place.

5757 Wayne Newton Blvd., Las Vegas, NV  89119  Ph: 702-261-5211

Blaine 1-11-18

4 thoughts on “Las Mkt, Las Vegas, NV Report #69

  1. SF International actually has some really good but over priced eating establishments too. Everything is over priced in SF though so there’s that.


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