Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar, Spokane, WA Report #70

Through no fault of my own I ended up in Spokane, Washington. I have NEVER seen this much snow in my life! I think it was 1975 when it snowed enough in New Orleans that I was able to build a snowman using every bit of snow in my yard. I saw that much here in about 15 minutes!

But no matter where you go you have to eat, right? So I braved the two block walk on snowy, slushy sidewalks to get to a mall called River Park Square, and found a place on the third floor called Twigs.

This is one of the rare places I can make a blanket statement. EVERYTHING was excellent! And the place is beautiful. The dining area winds out the restaurant onto what you could call an indoor, private balcony, that overlooks the street on one side and the mall on the other. Now, the food.

We started off with the Twigs Signature Fries. Crispy fries seasoned with salt, cayenne pepper, black pepper, rice vinegar and basil. We added the Gorgonzola fondue which was a great decision. And they give you plenty enough for all the fries.

Next, an Italian sausage and white bean soup with shaved Parmesan on top. I’m not really a soup person, except for gumbo of course, but I’d eat this everyday. Delicious.

I had a side salad which was their house salad which they call Insalada Mista. I can say this with utter certainty. This was the best side salad I’ve ever had! I’d eat it for a meal, and I’m REALLY not a salad person. Romaine and baby spring greens tossed with Gorgonzola crumbles, candied walnuts and dried cranberries with a red wine vinaigrette.

Entrees were a Kalua Pork Sandwich and a Truffle Penne Pasta with steak. As with everything else both were excellent. The pork was tender and seasoned perfectly and the pasta was cooked perfectly al dente in a light, delicious sauce.

For dessert we tried the Drunken Donuts. These had the consistency of cake donuts, which I like, and these didn’t disappoint. The star of the dish was the sauces. You know what irritates me? When someone describes something and they use the word “amazing” over and over again for EVERYTHING they describe. If everything’s amazing NOTHING is? Well, these sauces were truly amazing. See the menu above. The Amaretto creme anglaise was my favorite.

I can’t recommend this place highly enough. The service also was excellent. If I’m ever in Spokane again, I guarantee you two things. One, it’ll be SUMMER. And two, I’ll be back here.

808 W. Main Ave., Spokane, WA  99201  Ph: 509-232-3376

Blaine 1-11-2018

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