Post Street Craft Beer Ale House, Spokane, WA Report #71

Guess what? I’m still in Spokane, Washington. Guess what else? It’s still cold! But not snowing anymore thank God after the six inches we had yesterday. And lastly, guess the final thing. I still gotta eat! I was in a burger mood so I went to a bar. If you want a good burger bars are sometimes great places to find them, and this one was close to the hotel I’m staying in.

We started out with fried calamari. The texture of this calamari was perfect for me. I’ve had calamari I thought was too tender before. I like the chewiness. These were tender enough with just a little chewiness. Fried nice and crisp and seasoned great. The tarter sauce was very good but the marinara was pretty watery and flavorless. Since calamari is relatively cheap the portion size could have been bigger, too.

Next we had fish and chips made with halibut. Would have been excellent except I found out I don’t like halibut. I like a lighter, flakier fish, like speckled trout. This was dense, like redfish or drum. If you like that, you’d love these fish and chips. Fried nice and crisp and very tasty. The thin cut fries were also really crisp and good.

I saw a patty melt on grilled marble rye on the menu and decided to ditch the burger idea and go with that. Great choice. This sandwich was delicious! The menu said it was made with a “Natural Angus Beef Patty” which was excellent. I asked the waiter if the burgers were made with the same patties and he said they were, so I assume the burgers are equally delicious. The toasted marble rye, melted Swiss and grilled onions made this sandwich outstanding. The onion rings were great too. Real onion slices and a light crisp batter that didn’t hide the onions.

We finished up with a hot fudge sundae and fudge brownie. Both were great. The brownie was chewy, gooey and hot.

Oh, and I don’t drink, but since it is a craft beer and ale house, I included a pic of the beers they have on tap in case you’d want to partake.

Nice place. I recommend it.

1 North Post Street, Spokane, WA  99201  Ph: 509-789-6900

Blaine 1-12-2018

Back here for breakfast this morning. I decided on the breakfast sandwich with bacon. It came on one of the biggest croissants I’ve ever seen. Warm and toasty with a prefect over easy (which I asked for) egg. Delicious. And the “breakfast potatoes” were what I’d call “hash browns”. Great breakfast.

1 North Post Street, Spokane, WA  99201  Ph: 509-789-6900

Blaine 1-14-2018


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