Root Down, Denver, CO Report #72


Traveling home and I ended up with a long layover in Denver right at my favorite time of day. Dinner time! Saw this place so I stopped and looked at their menu. Looked like their intent was to take a different spin on foods so I figured I’d give them a try. I found out that “different” isn’t always good!

I normally just drink water with my meals, so I liked the fact they put a little jug of water on my table so I could refill my glass without hunting for a waiter. That’s about the last thing I liked.

I really wanted to try the Sweet Chili Thai Duck Wings, but I wasn’t really too hungry. My dining companion decided on the burger, mainly because it was served on a pretzel bun. She said the burger was “ok” at best and the bun may have well been a regular bun. No pretzel like qualities to speak about.

I absolutely LOVE lamb, so since I was in Colorado I figured I’d try the Colorado Lamb Sliders. First off, the menu listed bacon as one of the ingredients in the sliders. When they came out I saw no bacon so I asked about it, and the waiter told me they cook the bacon into the lamb patty.

The sliders were very greasy. Even the not very fresh tasting buns were greasy. Back home in New Orleans we have something called “hot sausage”. I don’t think I’ve encountered it anywhere out of the New Orleans area. But it’s a spicy sausage that comes in either links or patties. The lamb patties tasted exactly like hot sausage. Which really isn’t a bad thing I guess, if I felt like eating hot sausage! But I ordered lamb because I felt like eating LAMB! I asked the waiter what they seasoned the lamb with and he said, “a bunch of things”. He said he’d find out for me but never did. They may as well have used ground beef because this was indistinguishable as lamb. Terrible.

For dessert they offered a Buttermilk Custard Pie. I love custard pie and the idea of the slight tang of buttermilk in one sounded great. When they brought it out my reaction was, “What the hell is this”? Look at the last picture I posted. I had to google custard pie images to be sure the culinary world hadn’t changed around me or I had suddenly become retarded. Nope. Custard pies still look like pies. With CUSTARD in them. Now look at the two pics right before the pie images. That was the dessert they brought out. I still don’t know what it was supposed to be. It was maybe like a phyllo crust with some horribly sweet gook inside. Not a custard at all. I couldn’t eat it. It was terrible.

Needless to say if you end up in the Denver International Airport I do NOT recommend this place! But then again I didn’t try too much of the menu. So if you decide to try it maybe just avoid the mistakes I made when ordering.

Concourse C, 8500 Pena Blvd., Denver, CO 80249  Ph: 303-342-6959

Blaine 1-14-2018


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