Reginelli’s Pizzeria, New Orleans, LA Report #76

This was the Harrison Ave. location. The first picture is the view of the restaurant you’ll get if you’re standing on the sidewalk.  The next picture shows there’s some seating out on the sidewalk and there’s parking on the median, or as we say in New Orleans, the “neutral ground”.  Next, the view of the building you’d get driving down the street or from that median parking.  Young oak trees blocking the building.  So slow down and look carefully if you’re trying to find it.

It’s called a pizzeria but don’t expect a wood burning oven with a stone slab in it producing crisp crust pizzas.  They’ve got one of those conveyor belt type pizza machines like Domino’s or Papa John’s in the kitchen to crank them out.  To me that means quantity is more important than quality, but I figured I’d try one just to see.

Pretty extensive menu, including an actual bottle of wine on each table with a red label on one side for their red wines and white label for their white wines on the other. Cute.  Also cute, on the kids menu they offer a make-your-own pizza option.  They bring out the pizza dough on a pan, marinara and cheese for the kiddies to make their own pizza.  I saw a little girl get it (see pics).  She seemed to enjoy making it but didn’t look too happy when the finished product came back to her from the kitchen!

We started out with the Boudin Stuffed Peppers.  Roasted poblano peppers stuffed with boudin and topped with a roasted garlic alfredo sauce.  Boudin is a Cajun rice and pork sausage.  The stuffing didn’t taste like boudin to me.  More like a ground beef stuffing, but good!  And the garlic alfredo was full of whole cloves of roasted garlic as you can see on my fork.  For a garlic lover like me, wonderful!  Delicious dish, but needless to say if you don’t like garlic, don’t get it.

The soup of the day was a seafood chowder.  There were a few strands of crabmeat in mine and I got maybe three crawfish tails.  The soup was mostly veggies.  Corn and potatoes.  BUT, very good!  Intense seafood flavor like they used a good seafood broth to make it, and very creamy.  The toasted, buttered, house made Focaccia bread they served with it was also very good.

We ordered one of their muffalettas and told the waitress we were going to split it.  They were nice enough to serve it to us cut in half on two separate plates.  Great idea, because if they brought a whole sandwich out, my dining partner would have insisted on cutting it in half and she always tries to cheat me, taking a bigger piece.  This sometimes leads to a fist fight.  So this avoided any confusion.  Instead of the traditional Italian bread this was also served on their Focaccia bread.  It was delicious.  Warm and toasted on the outside but the meats were still slightly cool on the inside.

Finally, the pizza.  For a pizzeria I wasn’t impressed at all.  The crust wasn’t very crisp and the taste of pizza sauce was almost undetectable.  In fact looking at it I couldn’t even see the marinara sauce.  We got the Classic Combo, with pepperoni, Italian sausage, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, black olives and mozzerella on it.  The toppings were plentiful and fresh, but overall I didn’t care for the pizza.

Even though the pizza left me disappointed everything else was very good.  I recommend the place.

874 Harrison Ave., New Orleans, LA  70124  Ph: 504-488-0133

Blaine 1-28-2018

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