Dairy Dip, Belle Chasse, LA Report #78



Louisiana is shaped like a boot.  If you want to drive down to the “toe” of the boot you’d be driving down Louisiana Hwy. 23 and you’d pass Dairy Dip.  About 70 miles later you’d hit the Gulf of Mexico.  If you don’t grab a bite to eat here, there’s a BBQ joint named LA 23 BBQ a little less than a mile further south.  After that, pickings get REALLY slim as far as places to sit down and dine.  You’ll see plenty of cows and orange groves though.

Dairy Dip has been there since 1956.  It’s hard to find places like this anymore which aren’t part of some big chain, and that’s one reason I love it.  You won’t find “overstuffed”, with meat that is, sandwiches here, but they’re good.

We had a hot sausage poboy, cheeseburger and fries.  Everything is cooked to order of course, so when you get it it’s too hot to eat!  The sandwiches were great.  Nice fresh bread and fixings, and the fries were crispy and delicious.

For dessert, a stuffed watermelon and mango flavored snowball and chocolate sundae.  The snowball is “stuffed” with ice cream.  Yummy.  That was the medium size sundae and they make them the way they should be made.  They put some ice cream in the cup, then some syrup, then more ice cream, and more syrup on the top.  That way you don’t eat all the syrup off the top and have nothing but ice cream left.  You have a nice pocket of syrup in the middle.  Maybe they do another layer on the large size.  I should have asked.  The ice cream is good too.  No stupid ice milk.

If you’re ever driving down Hwy. 23 through Plaquemines Parish, stop by and give them a try.  You won’t be disappointed.

9252 LA-23, Belle Chasse, LA  70037  Ph: 504-392-8354

Blaine 2-4-2018


If you want to get a snowball in January, this is the place.  And since the temperatures been in the 70’s that’s not a bad idea!

We had their special burger, where they make the top and bottom bun into grilled cheese sandwiches.  Very good, as was the hot sausage po-boy and fries.  Great place!

9252 LA-23, Belle Chasse, LA 70037 Ph: 504-392-8354

Blaine 1-11-2020


3 thoughts on “Dairy Dip, Belle Chasse, LA Report #78

  1. Cool history, and locale info, (to be so close to the border.) It all looks really good; can’t stand the watered down ice cream either, nice when they serve back like they did in 1956. It’s always fun to visit any dining establishent that’s at least fifty years old for the ambiance and food. They’re rarer all the time.

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