Sun Ray Grill, Gretna, LA Report #77

This place is spectacularly spectacular and wonderfully wonderful. I’ve been here several times before. Some things I’ve tried in the past that were really good were under “Starters”, the Portobello fries and the Hoke Poke. The only reason I didn’t get the Hoke Poke this time was it’s too much to eat alone, as an appetizer that is, and no one else at the table would eat raw tuna. But it’s a delicious appetizer to split between two, or even three people. Under “Street Food & Burgers”, I like their Bacon Brie Burger and the Cubano sandwich is great. They have different types of fish everyday depending on what’s fresh at the market I assume, which is how it should be! Tonight they had speckled trout, redfish, salmon and tuna. The section of the menu labeled “Fish Market” list different preparations and sides. You pick your type of fish and the way you want it done from that section. I’m sure, of course, they’d take special request.

Tonight we started off with the Thai Riblets and the Goat Cheese Fritters as starters. The Thai ribs are always fall of the bone tender and scrumptious, served with a slaw that compliments them great. The cheese fritters are soft on the inside, so once you cut into them you can spread them on the hot French bread they give you. With the bacon bits and caramelized kind of candied onions, that’s nothing but delicious!

For entrees we had the Shrimp, Crab & Olive Pasta and the Avery Island Duck. The pasta was great. The shrimp were HUGE and the sauce was a very light butter sauce. The warm pita bread they served went great with the dish.

The duck was the reason I came here tonight. The last time I ordered duck in a restaurant was a disaster (See report # 68). I knew this place would make it right. The duck was perfect, the spinach and tasso dressing was great and the way they use the pepper jelly to make a sauce to go with it is superb. Excellent dish.

Saying I highly recommend this place isn’t strong enough. You MUST go here and eat!

2600 Belle Chasse Hwy., Gretna, LA  70056  Ph: 504-391-0053

Blaine 2-3-2018

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