Empress Of China, Gretna, LA Report #79


When I first moved to the Westbank of New Orleans, about 20 years ago, I settled on a Chinese Restaurant I knew from Uptown New Orleans as my Chinese place of choice on the Westbank (See Report #39).  The last couple times I went there they left me unimpressed so tonight I decided to try somewhere new.  I last tried this place about 10 years ago and forgot if I liked it or not, so this was like a brand new experience.  I was highly impressed!

Nice looking place inside, with a little Koi pond with a bridge over it right as you walk in the front door.  Pretty extensive menu too.

First if you order hot tea, you get a large pot of Jasmine tea with numerous tea bags in it, so it’s not weak.

We decided to start off with the Appetizer Tray for two.  It consisted of ONE egg roll, two spring rolls, two Crab Rangoons, two Cho Cho’s, two beef sticks (a flat piece of beef skewered on a bamboo skewer), bbq pork, two bbq ribs and shrimp tempura.  It’s served in one of those revolving wooden trays with the flame going in the little black grill in the middle.  The last time I went to August Moon (Report #39) we ordered a dish with raw meat you had to cook over a little flame like that and they couldn’t get it to stay lit.  The fire on this thing went on for about 20 minutes!  But you didn’t need it to warm or cook anything.  Everything was hot, fresh and delicious!  The ribs, pork and beef were tender, juicy and flavorful, the batter on the shrimp tempura was crisp and light as it should be, the Cho Chos’, which I was used to having containing ground beef, contained plenty of delicious pork and shrimp and the Crab Rangoons and spring rolls were very good.  What really surprised me was the egg roll.  Chinese restaurants have soured me on egg rolls over the years because it seems most of them put maybe 70% shredded cabbage and veggies in it and hardly any meat.  This egg roll was the exact opposite.  It was full of pork and shrimp and hardly any veggies!  Probably the best egg roll I ever had.

With such a big appetizer we decided to split one entree.  The Empress Special Egg Foo Young, containing shrimp, pork, chicken and ham.  Excellent dish.  Served with perfectly steamed rice and a nice bowl of brown sauce.  We couldn’t finish it all but the brown sauce was so delicious we finished almost all of that.  When we asked to have it packed to go, the waitress was nice enough to offer to pack some more sauce for us to go.  That was another thing about this place.  The people were a lot friendlier than at the other place I mentioned earlier.

Anyway, I have a new “go to” Chinese restaurant on the Westbank.  I highly recommend this place.

429 Wall Blvd., Gretna, LA  70056  Ph: 504-392-3939

Blaine 2-5-2018



Back to one of my new favorite Chinese restaurants today.  The appetizer tray for two is so good we had to get it again, and it did not disappoint.  Delicious.  And so filling my dining companion and I decided to split an entrée after that.  That’s a good plan for two people at this place.  We decided on the Orange Beef.  It was just as described.  Very crispy on the outside but moist and tender on the inside, with a nice, orange flavored sauce.  Very good!

429 Wall Blvd., Gretna, LA  70056  Ph: 504-392-3939

Blaine 3-18-2018



My first time coming here for lunch.  The dinner menu is quite extensive but the lunch menu is tiny.  That’s it.  Two pages.

My dining companion had the General Tso’s Chicken with fried rice and a crab rangoon.  She loved it.  I’m no General’s chicken lover but I tried it and it was pretty good.  You also have the option of ordering all white meat chicken.

I love Shrimp and Lobster sauce but I had never seen Scallop and Lobster sauce on a menu before, so I figured I’d try it.  I figured it’d be those little bay scallops but these were nice size scallops!  Overall though I was disappointed in this dish.  Pretty bland.  Just a little more salt and pepper would have helped.  In fact, it didn’t seem like there was any pepper in it at all.  I’d steer clear of this dish.

429 Wall Blvd., Gretna, LA  70056  Ph: 504-392-3939

Blaine 3-31-2018


I love the tempura shrimp here.  In the appetizer section they’re just listed as “fried shrimp”.  I ordered it and as with everything else you get a LOT!  Also tried the Mandarin Chicken tonight.  Huge portion.  In fact I remembered to take a pic after we had already dug in.  I like the way they serve the gravy separate too.  That way your chicken doesn’t get soggy as you dine or if you want to take some home.  And unless you bring maybe four people, you’ll probably take some home.

429 Wall Blvd., Gretna, LA  70056  Ph: 504-392-3939

Blaine 5-6-2018



My dining partner and I decided on Chinese for lunch.  We knew exactly what we wanted.  The appetizer tray for two and an order of the Mandarin Chicken.  Well, when they brought us the menu, entrée wise there were only lunch combo plates.  No big deal.  We were just going to tell them fix us a dinner size portion of Mandarin Chicken.

But then we had a brilliant idea.  We knew the lunch combos were huge.  Easily enough for two people to split.  And one option as far as sides was double rice.  On the appetizer tray you get a large eggroll, cho chos, crab rangoons, and a couple fried spring rolls, plus a bunch of other stuff.  She likes fried rice and I like white rice, so we got that with the Mandarin Chicken, and had plenty of other things to go with it on the appetizer tray.

Anyway, it worked out great.  And one thing I like about their Mandarin Chicken.  They give you the option of white meat, dark meat, or a mix.  We don’t like white meat so we always go with the dark.  And I love how they give you the gravy on the side in a bowl.  It’s always plenty enough, too.  We had a great lunch for $36, with plenty of leftovers!

By the way, I didn’t think about taking a pic until we had dug in for a bit.  The pic basically shows the leftovers we took home after we were stuffed.

429 Wall Blvd., Gretna, LA  70056  Ph: 504-392-3939

Blaine 9-29-2018





We came in tonight hoping to dine in. After all of this time I was pretty sure they had to be open for that. I was wrong. Take out only. A plexiglass wall greats you when you walk in. I asked when they planned to open for dine in, and the guy that took our order said they have no idea. They can’t hire people to work! Common problem right now.

We went ahead and ordered some steamed dumpling, General’s and Mandarin chicken. At least their food is still delicious.

429 Wall Blvd., Gretna, LA  70056  Ph: 504-392-3939

Blaine 7-18-2021

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