Umi II, New Orleans, LA Report #80



Located at the end of a little strip mall, looking at this place from the outside you wouldn’t think it’s as spacious and pretty as it is.  Once you get inside it’s very nice.  I tried Umi II maybe 8 months ago and the food was good, but the service was utterly terrible.  There were three in my party and only one other table occupied in the place. Our waiter would disappear into the kitchen and only reappear when he had a plate for us, as we watched three other employees roam around aimlessly doing nothing but ignoring us, while we were dying of thirst because we couldn’t even get a glass of water.  BUT, I never write a place off because of one bad experience.  Our waiter may have just been a flaming idiot.  Today I got a Groupon email advertising the place, I hadn’t had sushi in awhile, so I figured I’d give them another, and final, chance.

Our waitress, named “Mimi”, was excellent!  And the food was great.  With my entrée they serve the normal salad with the carrot ginger dressing and bowl of soup.  The lettuce in the salad was very fresh and the dressing was what you’d normally get anywhere.  It was good.  Now the soup, that was something special!  You normally get that clear fish or chicken broth with a few mushroom pieces and noodles floating around in it.  This was a dark, maybe beef broth?  That was FULL of flavor!  Delicious.  Best pre-entrée soup of this type I’ve ever had in a sushi place.

We then had a spicy salmon roll, which was very good, and an LSU roll.  The LSU roll consisted of tempura shrimp and cream cheese, topped with snow crab, fresh tuna, avocado, eel sauce and spicy mayo.  My first time trying one of those but not my last.  It was delicious.

The beef teriyaki was a grilled New York strip, covered in teriyaki sauce and served with white rice.  It was pretty good.  Nothing extraordinary.  But it hit me once I got it that our waitress didn’t ask me how I wanted it cooked.  Small oversight.  I forgot to tell her so we were even.  Fortunately it came out medium rare, which is what I like.

Finally the Beef Yaki Soba was VERY good.  Really flavorful.

Glad I gave this place a second chance.  I can now highly recommend it.

3580 Holiday Dr., New Orleans, LA  70114  Ph: 504-875-2229

Blaine 2-7-2018



Back to Umi II today.  Tried the pan fried pork dumplings (Gyoza), a Rainbow Box sushi, consisting of salmon, tuna and white fish, a Deluxe Rainbow Roll and the Hibachi Fried Noodle combo, with beef, chicken and shrimp.  Everything was VERY good.  Nothing bad to report.  I contemplated trying the Mississippi Mud Pie for dessert (see pic above), but they described the crust as being “deliciously” topped.  That scared me so I just went home and ate some King Cake left over from a Mardi Gras parade party at my house yesterday!

3580 Holiday Dr., New Orleans, LA  70114  Ph: 504-875-2229

Blaine 2-11-2018



Back for lunch today.  The eel bowl was delicious.  The veggies pictured in it are pickled cucumber (the two on the left) and pickled daikon.  A munch on the pickled veggies between several bites of eel was nice to break up the sweetness of the eel sauce.  I asked how they got the pickled cucumber all the way to the left that purple color, and they just said they buy it that way.  Looks like maybe beet juice was added to it.  I know some old Creole cooks who’d make pickled eggs, and they’d add a little beet juice to the jar to give them that same color.

I neglected to take a picture but we ordered a Black and Gold Roll.  That was one of the best rolls I ever had.  The blackened tuna they added to it tasted like they blackened it over a charcoal fire.  Nice smoky flavor.  By all means try it if you go there.

3580 Holiday Dr., New Orleans, LA  70114  Ph: 504-875-2229

Blaine 7-14-2018


For some reason I thought this place was open for dine in, but it wasn’t. If you walk in, that counter in the first picture is as far as you’ll get. I’ll be glad when all this COVID mess is finally over.

It didn’t matter though since we had placed a to go order. Everything was very good! I have to give special mention to that Boss Man Roll. Deep fried salmon and shrimp tempura with cucumber, avocado, and spicy mayo, wrapped in seaweed and rice. I don’t think I’ve ever had deep fried salmon before, but I’ll definitely have it again! This roll was really good. Try it if you happen in.

3580 Holiday Dr., New Orleans, LA  70114  Ph: 504-875-2229

Blaine 9-12-2020

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