The Red Maple, Gretna, LA Report #81



When you look at this place from the street you first notice it’s huge.  Looks like an apartment complex.  But inside it’s beautiful.  When you walk in through the dining entrance you enter a little courtyard with a bridge over a waterfall and pond.  Once inside you’ll feel like you’re in some lodge up in the Colorado Rockies, complete with fireplaces that are probably never used because we’re in south Louisiana and it rarely gets cold!  I like the beer steins hanging from the wooden rafters on the ceiling.

Not a very extensive menu which is fine with me.  I prefer a place with a short menu as long as they do everything well.  We decided on the North LA Meat Pies and Crab Cake for appetizers, The Seafood Gumbo and Turtle Soup next, for entrees a Wedge salad and Crawfish Etoufee, and finally Bread Pudding with a butter rum sauce for dessert.

The bread they serve is unique.  Most restaurants with this type of food would serve French bread or some variation thereof.  These things were more like a cross between a hamburger bun and a biscuit.  They were served nice and hot though, with real butter, and that’s good enough for me!

When the crab cake came out my first impression was it was too small.  Then I started eating, and eating, and eating.  Looked small but it’s thick and quite good.  Full of crab meat, well seasoned and fried nice and crisp.  The corn maque choux and little onion and tomato salad went well with it.  And their remoulade sauce is REALLY great.

The meat pies were just ok.  They were served with remoulade sauce (again, really good) and an onion gravy.  You could easily tell the onion gravy came out of a can.  Pretty good, but I wouldn’t order them again.

The seafood gumbo was just ok.  Nothing to get excited about.  The turtle soup, which is made with real turtle meat, was very good.  I like the fact they serve it with the little bottle of sherry so you can add as much as you want.

The wedge salad was very good.  The blue cheese dressing was great and all of their dressings are made in house.  It didn’t come with extra blue cheese crumbles though, as the waitress told us and the menu indicates.

The crawfish etouffee, and I ALWAYS say this, could have used more crawfish tails.  Take that with a grain of salt because unless there’s about a pound of crawfish meat in my dish I say it’s not enough!  It had a nice flavor with all the fresh herbs and veggies but lacked spice, and maybe a little more salt would have helped.  All in all though, it was a pretty good dish.

Finally, the bread pudding.  I forgot the menu said it came with a “butter rum sauce”, so when it came out I thought it had melting whipped cream on top.  Until I tasted it.  This was EVERYTHING bread pudding should be!  I can’t describe how delicious it was.  Some raisins in it but not too many.  I put it right up there with the bread pudding at Da Wabbit (Report #40).

Great place.  I recommend it.

1036 Lafayette St., Gretna, LA  70053  Ph: 504-367-0935

Blaine 2-10-2018



I was long overdue for a trip here. Don’t look for the sign for the place if you’re coming here. Looks like Hurricane Ida took it away. But the joints still beautiful!

I decided on:

$$ THE FOOD $$

Avocado Imperial
Veal Oscar

The Avocado Imperial was great! A whole avocado cut in half, deep fried, and covered with a crawfish cream sauce and crabmeat. How could that be bad? I guess if you don’t like avocado it could, but if you don’t like avocado, why in the hell would you order this?

The Veal Oscar was delicious. Perfect size portion too. Very tender veal and asparagus, covered with plenty of crabmeat.

I raved about the bread pudding last time and I’ll do it again now. And I realized something. The raisins are just on the top. Not mixed in. That made it easier to avoid them! Awesome bread pudding.

Excellent dinner tonight.

1036 Lafayette St., Gretna, LA  70053  Ph: 504-367-0935

Blaine 10-22-2021

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