Meril, New Orleans, LA Report #82



This is an Emeril Lagasse restaurant located in the CBD of New Orleans.  Beautiful, spacious place with an extensive and very diverse menu, which turned out to be the best thing about it.  If you want plenty of unusual dining options, this is the place for you.  Also a kind of fun place.  I think it was the guy’s birthday at the table next to me so they brought out a big cotton candy cone and a sparkler for the table.  But then they didn’t sing happy birthday so maybe the weirdo just ordered that.  I don’t know.

Anyway, if you order hot tea, as my dining companion likes to do, they bring out a box with a choice of numerous teas and a cute sugar caddy with simple syrup, raw sugar, white sugar, Splenda and Sweet and Low in glass bottles.  I wondered what the empty spot was for until we ordered coffee for dessert.  They then brought out a bottle of cream and filled the empty spot with it.  Warning about the coffee.  We ordered two cups of coffee and the waiter suggest we “split a large”.  We took his advice.  He bought out a big, metal pot of coffee, which was very good by the way, but after we filled our cups there was still about 3/4s of a pot left and they don’t have any styrofoam to go cups.  That pot cost $11.  So we wasted money and a lot of coffee on that deal.

For appetizers we started out with the Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Sweet Potato salad, the Boudin Tamale, Deviled Eggs and Crawfish Pie Flatbread.

We told the kitchen we wanted to split the salad and they did it for us, bringing it out on two plates.  I love when they do that.  Saves me and my dining companion from getting in a fight.  Pretty good salad.  Especially if you’re a brussel sprouts lover.  The blue cheese and vinaigrette really made it good.

The Boudin Tamale was one of the best things we ate.  It was a really meaty boudin, not plenty of rice, which made it more like a regular tamale.  Seasoned very well.

The deviled eggs were nothing to brag about.  They tasted like deviled eggs you’d make at home by simply mixing the egg yolks with plain mayo.  And that being said you couldn’t even taste the small dollop of “Cajun Caviar” on top due to all the egg yolk mixture.  We should have passed on that appetizer.

The Crawfish Pie Flatbread was another disappointment.  Being an Emeril restaurant, with all the “BAM, BAM, BAM!!!”, this was more like, “blip”.  Not seasoned well at all and the crust was soft and chewy, instead of crisp like I’d prefer.  This was a nightly special not on the regular menu so if it pops up again, I’d pass on it.

For entrees we had the Saffron Pappardelle, Korean Short Ribs, and a side of Mexican Style corn.

The Pappardelle was excellent.  Seasoned very well, with nice chunks of tender, juicy lamb and perfectly al dente pasta.  Very yummy.

The short ribs were also great.  Delicious char grilled flavor.  And the cucumber kimchi was a perfect accompaniment to it.  However, all of the ribs were well done but very tender and juicy, except one.  It was VERY rare.  Just slightly browned.  Slight error on the chefs part.

The Mexican corn was pretty good, if you can get past the idea of mayo on corn.  I missed that in the description on the menu and when I tasted it I commented, “It taste like they put mayonnaise on the corn”!  I was right!  But it was good.  I’d order it again.

Finally, we tried the Bananas Foster Doberge Cake for dessert.  The candied pecans went well with it but dehydrated banana chips?  Dehydrated so good in fact biting into the first one almost knocked a filling out my tooth?  If I ordered Trail Mix cake I’d understand, but it was totally out of place in this dessert.  The cake itself was ok and the ice cream was good.  I’d skip this dessert next time.

Overall we enjoyed the food, but as I stated earlier, the main reason I’d recommend this place is for the diversity of the menu.

Oh, on a side note Lent starts Wednesday, and for my Lenten sacrifice I won’t be doing any dinning out.  So this is my last restaurant report until March.  See y’all then!

424 Girod St., New Orleans, LA  70130  Ph: 504-526-3745

Blaine 2-12-2018

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