The Galley Seafood Restaurant, Metairie, LA Report #83


I’ve been to The Galley several times in the past and love their food.  They’re proud of the fact they’ve been serving their soft shell crab and their catfish po-boy sandwiches at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival since 1977.  They even brag about it on the side of their hot sauce bottles, which is pretty good by the way.  For a habanero hot sauce it’s not really too spicy, but it has a great flavor.  I ended up using a lot of it on my veal alfredo dish and it was nice to cut the dishes richness slightly.  More on that later.

The only thing I don’t like about this restaurant are their prices.  They’re located in a pretty rich area of Metairie, La., and apparently take advantage of it by over pricing everything.  For example, I included a screenshot from an app I have that finds boiled crawfish near your location.  As you can see it’s not hard to find boiled crawfish around here for $2.99 a pound.  Today at The Galley theirs was $6.49 a pound.  There’s no excuse for that.  And I’ve never seen so many po-boys on a menu listed as “market price”.  For the hell of it I asked the “market price” of a soft shell crab po-boy today.  It was $19.99.  Definitely the most expensive po-boy you’d find in the New Orleans area.  I’ve paid less for a Lobster Roll in New England.  I asked the waiter if you got two crabs with that.  He said it depends on the size of the crabs.  If they’re big he said you may get one and a half.  And he decided to tell me if I wanted just a soft shelled crab on a plate, not a crab platter, but JUST a lone, fried crab, it’d be $11.99.  I know soft shelled crabs are pricey, but not THAT pricey.

Anyway, to the food.  The seafood gumbo is pretty good.  We also tried the crawfish, spinach and artichoke dip.  That was very good.

You get a nice size side salad with your entrée.  I ordered blue cheese dressing with mine and it was a good, chunky, blue cheese dressing.

My dining companion ordered the Greek Salad and added blackened shrimp to it.  She said it was excellent.  Sure was big enough!  And so flavorful she didn’t even use the olive oil she ordered as a salad dressing.

I decided on one of the house specials.  The Paneed Veal.  If you look at it on the menu it says “topped w/crabmeat served w/alfredo pasta”.  The problem I had with this dish was they mixed the crabmeat into an alfredo sauce and topped the veal with that, so I couldn’t taste crab.  All I could taste was alfredo sauce.  Reading the menu I thought I’d get a paneed veal chop, with either plain crabmeat or crabmeat sautéed in a little butter at the most, over a bed of alfredo pasta.  Anyway, in spite of that I enjoyed the dish.  It was pretty tasty.

Again, the food is good, so if you don’t mind the prices I recommend the place.

2535 Metairie Rd., Metairie, LA  70001  Ph: 504-832-0955

Blaine 3-17-2018

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